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Top 3 Best Stainless Steel / Titanium Hiking / Adventure Watches for Men


If you are looking for an extremely durable, multi-function hiking / adventure watch for men, you should really consider getting a stainless steel watch, or even better, a titanium digital watch. We’re going for this less popular combo because it is, in my opinion, the best: having a digital watch helps you get all the data that you need faster and easier, while the material these recommended watches are made from will guarantee that you get a watch to maybe use for a lifetime! Now that’s something you can’t get from regular rubber watches!

We did a ton of research and checked out tens of stainless steel and titanium digital adventure watches for men that are also great for hikers, and in the end we came up with this top three, one that I am sure you will really appreciate and one that will guide you to getting the best watch you ever had. Because, well, each of them offers a lot more than your regular hiking watches!

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Casio PAW2000T-7CR Pathfinder

01 casio paw200t pathfinder

An amazing option for all adventurers out there, the Casio Pathfinder model PAW2000T is better than other Pathfinder models simply because of its sleek appearance: less bulky, lighter and extremely high tech. It has some features that you wand from any watch used when performing outdoor activities: atomic timekeeping, tough solar power, power saving function, 1/100 sec. stopwatch, countdown timer and, of course, digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer. If that’s not enough for you, this great watch also features backlight with afterglow, can show you the world time in 48 cities on the globe, comes with sunrise and sunset data and is also water resistant (up to 330 feet/100 meters – so it’s not suitable for diving!)

What the reviewers say

Generally, everybody who has ever tried a Casio Pathfinder product, was left with an exceptional opinion about the product. The PAW2000T itself was met with extremely positive reviews, having a 4.5 out of 5 average on Amazon, which is pretty impressive. People appreciate it for the ton of high tech functions that it comes with and which are reliable, even though you do have to consult the manual before you get the hang of how to use all of its functions properly. The pressure checker on the watch is extremely useful for knowing weather changes, while all the other functions are reported to work flawlessly. There have been some complaints from some reviewers regarding the altitude/barometer sensor, which was said to be inaccurate, but that is not the case: you simply have to adjust the watch properly and it works just fine.

All in all, Casio is a great brand and it costs a lot less than those “logo watches” – with features just as great and durability that exceeds any expectations. So unless you’re planning to do any diving wearing this watch, it’s a perfect choice for any male adventurer out there, no matter how hardcore he is!

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Casio MTGM900DA-8 G-Shock Watch

02 casio MTGM900DA-8

Yup, you should prepare to see quite a few Casio products on this list and I promise that the company didn’t pay us to write this article. It’s just that for the required materials, and having consumers in mind (therefore offering a great price/quality ratio) the Casio watches are absolutely perfect. Just like the Casio MTGM900DA-8 G-Shock watch which is a stainless steel watch – for those who, for some reason, don’t want a Titanium Watch. Apart from that, all the functions that a modern day adventurer are there: tough solar power, shock resistant, calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer, solar rechargeable battery and much more. It’s also water resistant and can be used for recreational scuba diving, as it goes up to 200 meters/660 feet without a problem.

What the reviewers say

Generally considered an amazing watch, with a 4.4 out of 5 rating from 170 reviews, the MTGM900DA-8 G-Shock is not the best choice for hikers and outdoor adventurers out there (as it lacks features such as compass, altimeter or barometer) and better for world travelers and a more casual use. However, there are many pros that make this watch a great buy at a great price: the solar battery is one of them (present on all other watches on this list though), extremely long life, with older models being used by reviewers for over 8 years and still working, easy to see the LCD display and great to wear. In other choice, if you want a digital stainless steel watch that doesn’t cost a fortune and won’t break easily, this is the one for you!

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Casio PRW2500T-7CR Pathfinder

03 casio PRW2500t-7CR

Yes, another Casio product and a new watch in the Pathfinder series, certainly the best choice on this list and clearly the best price/quality ratio! A newer model than the first watch recommended by us, the PRW2500T-7CR Pathfinder has more features, including altimeter, barometer, thermometer, tide and moon data, digital compass and many more! A brilliant watch that also looks extremely modern and nice, the choice that I would make right now and never look for another hiking watch right now. Bonus: at the moment of writing, it’s on a super discount (check the link below) and it’s cheaper than the 2000T model!

What the reviewers say

Just like with the previous Casio watches on the list, the reviewers are extremely satisfied with this one too, giving it an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. All customers were really happy with its tide prediction feature, which also makes it a great watch for navigation, as well as recreational scuba diving, as it can go as low as 200 meters/660 feet underwater without a problem. And I guess that the reviewer who said “One of Casio’s best” managed to pretty much sum up the experience with this great adventure watch!

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And there you have it! Three amazing watches, perfect for the adventure seekers out there! I really hope that you found all our research useful and you’ll purchase an amazing product based on our recommendations!


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