Best Tongue Scrapers for Oral Hygiene (2023 Edition)

There’s not enough importance (in my opinion) given to tongue scrapers when it comes to oral hygiene and general health care. But if you do care about them, today I will share the best Tongue Scrapers on the market – pick one and solve your bad breath problems with ease!

Because the tongue itself is the home of millions of bacteria and fungus (like candida albicans), keeping it clean is extremely important if you want to live a healthy life and especially have a fresh breath.

A tongue scraper helps you get rid of that horrible smell coming from your mouth, caused by the bacteria on your tongue. Because, yes, tongue cleaners aka tongue scrapers are known to cure halitosis (the medical name of your bad breath).

If you don’t want to go through the entire article, you should know that the best tongue scraper, in my opinion, is the Orabrush one (affiliate link). It has a great shape, soft bristles for cleaning the tongue and a built-in scraper. It’s perfect!

If you want to get a bit more in depth, I have done all the research for you and I am detailing below which are the best tongue scrapers out there – with more options if for some reason you don’t want to try my top recommended one.

Sure, there are quick wins to get rid of that bad smell from your mouth as you can choose one of the best gums for bad breath, but for long term gains and improved health of the oral system, using a tongue cleaner daily is a must.

Below, I have for you the absolute best tongue cleaners, so check them out and get the one you fancy the most!

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Orabrush Tongue Cleaner – Editor’s Choice

Orabrush is a leading provider when it comes to oral hygiene, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see their tongue cleaner on our list of the best ones you can buy.

This tongue cleanser keeps your tongue clean and your breath fresh by removing bacteria and other gunk from it.

It is made from plastic, so not extremely durable but I personally never had a problem with it breaking or anything like that.

It also has some ultra soft bristles that are actually used to clean the tongue so you need to do a bit of rubbing yourself before scraping that goop away.

So expect to need some time to get used with the Orabrush tongue scraper (just like with any tongue cleaner out there if you haven’t used one yet), but once you do, you won’t have any problem making it part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

What others say

Enjoying positive reviews from people who have used it, the Orabrush tongue cleaner is praised for delivering what’s expected from a tongue cleaner, having an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 at the moment of writing this review (based on over 8,700 reviews!)

Some reviewers call it the “best tongue cleaner ever” – durable, despite the fact that it’s made of plastic, and easier to accept by some who didn’t really find a good match with a traditional scraper.

In terms of negatives, the fact that it’s made of plastic upsets some people, as well as the fact that it is rigid.

Personally, I like it better this way because a flexible one makes me feel that the cleaning process is not as complete, so it’s a matter of preferences in the end…

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Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner – Best Alternative

stainless steel tongue scraper

Despite its generic name, this tongue scraper created by Basic Concepts is an amazing alternative you can get.

It has a bunch of advantages over your regular tongue cleaners and overall, it does an absolutely amazing job cleaning the gunk on your tongue.

What I love about it is the fact that it’s made of stainless steel. This makes it extremely durable – so in theory at least, you only need to buy one and you’re set for life. Combine that with its low price and you have a perfect reason to invest in one right away.

But Basic Concepts’ product also has an impressive advantage over other tongue scrapers. It’s wider (1.5″ width), meaning that it covers the tongue perfectly, removing all the build-up on it with just one go.

It’s really easy to use, it does a great job in helping you keep that breath fresh and, as a result, it’s a great alternative for those who want a more permanent solution.

However, have in mind that it doesn’t have any bristles to really brush your tongue, which is something you’ll enjoy once you get used with.

What others say

We’re not the only ones blown away by this model! Over 83,000 people have rated it on Amazon, where it has, at the moment of writing this article, an average of 4.6 stars out of 5. This means that everybody who gave it a try was extremely happy with it.

It’s also the best selling tongue scraper on Amazon at the moment of writing this article, so it’s easy to understand that it’s a TOP quality one.

Other users praise it for the fact that it’s extremely easy to use, yet it has such a major impact. Durable and with instant results (there are even photos to show the difference!), this is the tongue scraper that you need in your life!

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Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

Dr Tung's Tongue Cleaner

One of the best known tongue cleaners in the world, Dr Tung’s Tongue Cleaner now comes with a travel pouch included, so you can easily take it with you whenever you’re on the go.

With easy to hold plastic handles and a stainless steel scraper, it will easily remove bacteria and all the gunk on your tongue, keeping it clean and your breath as fresh as possible.

Considered by many THE tongue cleaner to get, it’s also one of the best selling ones in the US, with glowing reviews from customers.

Quick, effective and extremely durable, this product has all the features that you want from a stainless steel tongue cleaner and scraper.

And the fact that it is made from steel makes it an even better choice for those who don’t want plastic in their mouth.

What others say

Before we get to the actual reviews, you should know that this is one of the all time best selling tongue cleaners for a while now. It has glowing reviews and I personally don’t know anybody who tried it and had any reasons to complain.

This is actually a must have that you don’t yet know you need, as Dr Tung’s Tongue Cleaner really does all the magic, with the stainless steel being easier to handle by your tongue. So if you don’t want to worry about having to get a new one regularly, grab this one!

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Pureline Tongue Cleaner

Advertised as a revolutionary product when it was first introduced, the Pureline Tongue cleaner and scraper really does a great job with it’s improved design that makes collecting of the trash piling up on your tongue a lot easier.

Generally, people using it for the first time are actually disgusted to see what comes off their tongue, but encouraged to keep using it in order to keep their mouth’s hygiene high.

Our only problem with it is that it is made of plastic – so less durable and not as heavy and easy to use as our top recommendation. But if you prefer a plastic one, this is your best bet!

What others say

A cheap and useful tongue cleaner, it gets the job done and is easier to use than Dr Tung’s product, for example.

Reviewers praise it for its durability (there are people still using one after two years!) and the fact that its rigidness makes it a lot easier to really clean the goo off your tongue.

Easy to use and clean, the Pureline Tongue Cleaner received 5 stars from somebody who said that he gave it 5 “because I can’t give it 6”. It’s that good!

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Wrapping up

And there you have it – Ranking Squad’s top tongue cleaners out there! I am sure that no matter which one you pick, you will be extremely satisfied: your tongue will be cleaner, and your breath too!

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