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Top 3 Best Tongue Cleaners – Ranked & Reviewed


There’s not enough importance (in my opinion) given to tongue cleaners when it comes to oral hygiene and general health discussions. However, the tongue itself is the home of millions of bacteria and fungus (like candida) so keeping the tongue clean is extremely important if you want to live a healthy life. Or just get rid of that horrible smell coming from your mouth, caused by the bacteria on your tongue.

And since you might not know which is the best tongue cleaner out there, we have decided to do all the searching and testing for you and share the results to minimize the time you’ll spend checking out products online. We have for you the top 3 best tongue cleaners below, so enjoy them!

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

01 orabrush tongue cleaner

Orabrush is a leading provider when it comes to oral hygiene, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see this product as the Bronze medal winner when it comes to the best tongue cleaners out there. The cheapest on the list (but not by much), this tongue cleanser keeps your tongue clean and your breath as smell-free as possible. Actually called a “tongue scraper,” it does take some time to get used with (just like all tongue cleaners), but once you do, you will be happy with it.

What others say

Enjoying an average of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon, the Orabrush tongue cleaner is praised for delivering what’s expected from a tongue cleaner. Some reviewers call it the “best tongue cleaner ever” – durable, easy to use and extremely useful, with great results. In terms of negatives, the fact that it’s made of plastic upsets some people, as well as the fact that it is rigid. Personally, I like it better this way because a flexible one makes me feel that the cleaning process is not as complete, so it’s a matter of preferences in the end.

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Pureline Tongue Cleaner

02 pureline tongue cleaner

Advertised as a revolutionary product when it was first introduced, the Pureline Tongue cleaner and scraper really does a great job with it’s improved design that makes collecting of the trash piling up on your tongue a lot easier. Generally, people using it for the first time are actually disgusted to see what used to be on their tongue.

What others say

This is the third best selling tongue cleaning product on Amazon, and I am sure that this says a lot of its quality. It also has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five, so it’s pretty close to perfection. Reviewers praise it for its durability (there are people still using one after two years) and the fact that its rigidness makes it a lot easier to really clean the goo off your tongue. Easy to use and clean, the Pureline Tongue Cleaner received 5 stars from one reviewer who said that he gave it 5 “because I can’t give it 6”. It’s that good!

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Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

03 dr tungs tongue cleaner

And the top product recommended here at Ranking Squad is Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner, THE tongue cleaner that you need if you have nothing against purchasing a stainless steel one. Quick, effective and extremely durable, this product has all the features that you want from a stainless steel tongue cleanser and scraper.

What others say

Before we get to the actual reviews, you should know that this is the #1 best selling tongue cleaner on Amazon. It has 530 reviews, with 410 of them giving it the perfect rating (for an average of 4.5 stars out of 5). Greatly described as a “must have that you don’t yet know you need,” Dr Tung’s Tongue Cleaner really does all the magic, with the stainless steel being easier to handle by your tongue. Everybody seems to have one common point when talking about it – something among the lines of “perfect tongue cleaner,” so this makes it our deserved winner!

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And there you have it – Ranking Squad’s top three tongue cleaners out there! I really hope that you will find your new favorite with the help of our article!


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