Top 5 Dog Breeds to Help You Fight Depression

If you suffer from depression, you know that every bit of help that you receive is extremely important. And man’s best friend can help tremendously with your fight against depression!

Some would say that any and all dog breeds are great for people who are a bit under the weather – which is something we generally agree with – but we have taking this one step further, did a ton of research and came up with our favorites: the best 5 dog breeds to help you fight depression.

Please remember that this list is not one created by a doctor and if you do suffer from depression, it is best to talk to your doctor too if you haven’t done so already.

Apart from furry friends which will definitely help, you might need more specialized aid because depression is definitely not something to take lightly.

But if you want to try a new thing, something that will lift your spirit and help you get past the most difficult days of your life, take our advice and get a dog.

Here are our 5 recommended breeds to help you fight depression and keep you happy at all times:

French Bulldog

Although the English Bulldog can go just as well if you don’t like the cute, long ears of the French Bulldog, I suggest the latter.

Smaller than other breeds and extremely fun, but at the same time loving and affectionate, the French Bulldog will offer you a daily dose of treatment against depression.

It’s also a relatively low maintenance breed, it’s highly portable and it will become your best friend instantly!

King Charles Spaniel

Dog Breeds for Depression 2
Photo by leisergu

The adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the best possible choices when it comes to dog breeds to help you overcome depression, anxiety and general sadness.

They are affectionate and extremely easy to train, also perfect for families with children. Plus, they are so adorable that you can’t help but fall in love with them as soon as you see one!

They do require a bit of grooming, but all the contact will help you even more to get your mind off the problems and enjoy the time spent with your new friend.


Dog Breeds for Depression 3
Photo by Alex Brown

I personally can’t imagine a single person on earth that wouldn’t be charmed by a Pug.

Their adorable faces are not misleading: they are extremely fun and positive, but also extremely affectionate and devoted. The pug is extremely portable too and friendly, so they are a great fit for all families.

Just like the French Bulldog, the pug isn’t a big fan of warm weather, but you can spend scorching hot days indoors and enjoy a great time!

Labrador Retriever

Known simply as the Lab, this dog breed is probably the largest on this list (so not too portable), but with a ton of other advantages.

Labradors are intelligent and kind, friendly and gentle and pretty active too, even though they do love to rest as well.

They need a bit more space than the other dog breeds on the list, but they make great friends and we consider them one of the best choices for people fighting depression: they’re gentle and kind and perfect furry friends!

Yorkshire Terrier

05 dogs breeds for depression
Photo by Mike

This was the first ever dog used in therapy – back in World War II a Yorkshire Terrier named Smokey was used to increase the morale of injured soldiers, with great success.

Today, the Yorkshire Terrier is an amazing choice for those fighting depression: they are highly affectionate and create very solid bonds with their owners, while still being extremely friendly with other people and dogs.

They are energetic and intelligent and extremely portable. As you can see, they are really cute, too!

These would be our top 5 recommended dog breeds for people suffering of depression – or just a bit under the weather – and we really hope that they will help you get over all your problems.

Now tell us which of these dog breeds is your favorite or maybe you have a different breed to suggest?

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