Best Hair Styles to Choose Based on Your Facial Shape

When deciding on a new hair style, one extremely important thing must be taken into consideration: what is your facial shape? Being honest about the shape of your head will make it easier for you to choose a hair style that makes you look better… while ignoring this important aspect can really spell trouble.

Basically, it’s not just a “shape” thing. There is a multitude of factors to have in mind when deciding upon that next hair style you’ll get.

How your head is shaped, your profile and the shape of your face and head and how it looks from behind, as well as the proportion of your body size and posture, plus both your good and bad features. Yeah, I know it isn’t easy to be perfect!

But knowing these and taking all things into consideration will help you choose the right hair style for you and not one that will look you like an alien! You will turn eyes and if you are on social media looking for followers, you will definitely have more success at that also.

Speaking of social media – if you’re looking for some inspiration, we recently published an article about the highest earners on Onlyfans. Make sure to check it out and see one thing they have in common: hair styles matching their facial shape!

Facial shapes and matching hair styles

There are seven facial shapes determined by the bones in your face and they are divided into 3 sections which are from the forehead to the eyebrows, eyebrows to the end of the nose and from the end of the nose to the bottom of your chin.

I will list each below and explain how we would want to style our hair in order to achieve that perfect look. Take a look at the photo below for a visual representation (of the face shapes, not necessarily the matching hairstyles):

Photo via Pinterest

1. Oblong facial shape

Your face is long and narrow with hollowed cheeks. We need to make the face appear shorter and wider.

In order to achieve the perfect look, your hair should be closer to the head on top with a fringe of bangs. Draw the hair outward at the cheek area with more fullness at the sides to create a wider look for the face.

2. Heart facial shape

Your face features a wide forehead with a narrow chin line. We need to decrease the forehead width and increase the width of the chin line to keep proportions in check.

So a style with a center part with the bangs flipped up or slanted to one side with more width and softness at the jawline should work well.

3. Square facial shape

Your face is wide, with a square jaw line and a straight hair line.

This is my facial type and we have the same problems as the round-faced ladies have. We also need the illusion of length to offset the squareness.

The hair can be styled off the forehead and forward at the temples and the jaw line to make the face appear more narrow and softer. An asymmetrical or off-center style works well also.

4. Oval facial shape

This is the ideal face shape that we compare all others to and for which we aim to create illusions to make the other shapes conform to.

The oval face would be around 1 and a half times longer than the width across the brow and the brow is a fraction wider than the chin.

Almost any hairstyle will look good on the oval face unless there are other considerations like your profile, shape of the nose and whether you wear glasses or not.

5. Round facial shape

You have a wide face with a rounded hair and chin line. We need to create the illusion of length for the face.

We need more height on top of the head with hair covering the ears and cheeks, but one side can also be worn up and back exposing the ear. The bangs should be swept to one side covering a portion of the forehead.

6. Triangle Facial Shape

Your face features a narrow forehead with a wide jaw and chin line. In this case, we need to create an illusion of width at the forehead.

The hair style should be full and high. With loose waves over the ears and a partial soft bang to cover part of the forehead. This style should work well to add width to the forehead and always make you look your best.

7. Diamond Facial Shape

Your face features a narrow forehead and chin line with a wide width through the cheekbone area.

We need to reduce the width across the cheekbone area by increasing the fullness at the jaw line and forehead.

We need the hair styled closer to the head at the cheek line. Avoid styling the hair away from the cheeks or back from the hairline as this will get proportions messed up completely.


We all have imperfections of other sorts that need to be considered when choosing a new cut and hairstyle and your stylist will be able to help you choose the one that is right for you.

But knowing what kind of face shape you have and using the tips above for choosing your matching hair style should already put you ahead of many ladies that don’t pay much attention to this important detail.

However, an experienced stylist will be able to make better recommendations based on your actual situation, which might include your current length of the hair, its color and any other particular features that you have.

It is best to have a consultation before going for something bold or extreme to avoid any unnecessary surprises that you didn’t see yourself.

Sure, you can go to your stylist with a photo of a hairstyle you’d like to switch to – but do let them know that if they think it wouldn’t be a right fit, they should say that. Hair styles that look great on models might not work just as well on ourselves.

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