Best Gum for Bad Breath: Refreshing, Tasty & Confidence Boosting [2023 Update]

Do you struggle with bad breath everyday? Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore as I’m going to share today the best gum for bad breath: the easy and instant solution to get rid of bad breath and tackle any conversation with confidence.

Even those who follow a solid mouth cleaning routine each day by brushing their teeth, scraping their tongue and flossing can deal with bad breath, also known as halitosis.

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There are various reasons why it happens, but in today’s article we won’t focus on that. You want a quick fix, a solid fix for your problem and that’s exactly what you’re getting!

And if you just want that quick fix without reading the entire article, my top gum for fresh breath is PUR Gum. Beside its amazing, long lasting taste, it is sugar and aspartame free, but also Gluten free and vegan.

Having a minty, fresh breath can deliver a huge boost to your confidence. It is also the key to establishing and maintaining great relationships – both on a personal level or on a professional level.

That’s why having one of my recommended chewing gums nearby is a must: they can get you out of a smelly situation in an instant, they taste great, are refreshing and last longer than any minty spray you might’ve used.

And no, not all gums are created equal! If you want long-lasting effect, great taste and a perfect smell, you will have to choose one of my recommendations below.

I’ll share the top chewing gums for bad breath in a table below – in case you’re in a hurry and don’t want to see all the details, but we’ll also talk in depth about each one and why they’re such a great choice afterwards.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath GumCitrus MintCheck at Amazon
Trident Spearmint Sugar Free GumSpearmintCheck at Amazon
PUR Gum – Editor’s ChoiceSpearmintCheck at Amazon
5 Gum Peppermint CobaltPeppermint CobaltCheck at Amazon
Lotte – Black Black Chewing GumStrong MintCheck at Amazon

One important bit of advice is that of staying away from fruity flavors and other aromas. Although they get the job done and have a pleasant smell, it’s still the classic minty breath that works better than anything else.

Fruit flavors can woo the right people, but they can also be highly disliked by others, so there’s no need to risk it. Also, it’s usually the fruity flavors that lose their smell the fastest and we don’t want that either.

With these in mind, let’s find out more about my recommended gums for bad breath below!

PUR Gum – Editor’s Choice


PUR Gum is my all time because of its unique combination of ingredients and great taste. It has no sugar, no aspartame, while at the same time being vegan, gluten free and diabetic friendly.

First and foremost, it is sweetened with xylitol, a natural sugar replacement that has been clinically proven effective against the bacteria in the mouth that is responsible for bad breath. Additionally, it contains natural peppermint oil, which provides a refreshing, long-lasting minty flavor.

Another advantage of PUR Gum is that it is free from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, which can lead to dry mouth, another potential cause of bad breath. Instead, it has a great minty flavor, but you can choose from various other options as spearmint, Peppermint, Coolmint (the strongest) or Chocolate mint.

I personally recommend staying away from the fruity flavors, as I already said above… but they do taste great too!

PUR Gum also has unique texture, it’s a soft gum that is easy to chew and doesn’t stick to your teeth, but it is also nature friendly, being biodegradable. And, as said before, it has a refreshing flavor that lasts long.

Just make sure to order more than just 1 pack to always have some around! (If it’s your first time trying this brand, then you can order a pack of each of the flavors you’re interested in and pick your favorite).

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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Gum

Strong, minty flavor with a subtle vanilla touch. The flavor lasts long and also helps with a dry mouth. It contains Xylitol, which some studies have found to fight against bad-breath producing bacteria, so you’re really getting a great product that fights the cause as well as the bad smell itself.

It also has no sugar, so if you’re looking to keep your calorie intake low, you won’t have to worry when chewing on these!

It is a great chewing gum built to eliminate strong odors, including the horrible smell of onion and garlic, as well as coffee and smoking breath. Highly recommended and extremely popular, you just can’t go wrong with it!

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Trident Spearmint Sugar Free Gum

This is also one of the more popular chewing gums out there and it is mass produced. You can probably find it in most stores, but it’s best not to risk it and get your own stash at home for a great price too.

Recommended for keeping your teeth healthy and a minty breath throughout the day, the Trident Spearmint gum has a medium-lasting flavor, but it’s intense and beautiful at first.

Also contains Xylitol, which makes it a very low calorie gum (under 5 per piece) and one that fights against bad breath producing bacteria.

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5 Gum Peppermint Cobalt

Another mass market gum with a decent flavor. It feels cold as ice when you first chew it and keeps your breath fresh for a long time.

It’s great to keep the individual wrappers to easily store the stripes when you’re done chewing – makes it a lot easier to throw them away, as it’s always the case.

This is also one of the gums that you can find on most market stalls out there, but it’s always easier to order online for a great price and for having your own stash at home, so you know that you never risk running out of it.

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Lotte – Black Black Chewing Gum

This is an extremely interesting product coming straight from Japan. One of its biggest selling points is that it also contains caffeine for an added boost of energy. An interesting addition and something you have to try at least once just for the sake of it.

Except for that, it has a minty flavor and your mouth won’t smell like coffee when you chew on it. Definitely give it a try, even though it’s a bit more expensive than the rest.

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Wrapping up

Now you have some great options that will help you get rid of that bad breath and tackle each day with confidence. Just make sure you keep them close at all times!

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