OnlyFans Promotion Ideas: How to Get More Fans [2024 Update]

Getting noticed on OnlyFans is difficult nowadays with so many content creators competing for attention. But I am here to help with some interesting and unique promotion ideas for your OnlyFans account.

So if you’re ready to put in some extra work, you can get more than others and boost your fan counts fast. It’s going to require a bit of work, but it’s going to be worth the trouble!

The easiest method to get more OnlyFans followers is from your other social media channels, from forums and communities (like Reddit), from shoutouts and collaborations and from building an online presence.

As you can imagine, some of these methods require more time and effort than others – but it’s always worth it.

onlyfans promo ideas

Building your social presence and brand name will be extremely helpful in the long run and even though slow at start, it will grow exponentially as you focus on it.

You should also consider other important factors – like having a great camera for OnlyFans and sharing content that people want to subscribe to.

But these are strategies to talk about in other articles. Today, we’re focusing on growing your fan base on Only Fans!

Where to Promote Your OnlyFans Account

You can get as creative as possible here and promote your account wherever you believe there’s an audience interested. Here are the best places to do it:

1. On social media channels

social media promotion

Having (or building) a massive social media presence outside of OnlyFans will help you convert those followers into paying fans.

Even smaller amounts of followers can still boost your counts by a lot and you should always focus on social media.

PRO TIP: One extremely important thing to have in mind when it comes to promoting your OnlyFans is that joining groups dedicated exclusively to OnlyFans promotion will yield zero results.

Very few (if any) people and potential subscribers will visit pages like this one you’re reading now.

Instead of sharing your profile in groups like “OnlyFans promotion” or anything similar, go where actual people are.

IMPORTANT: Most social networks won’t allow you to link directly to your OnlyFans account. So you need to become a bit creative and only mention your username, use shortened forms like “OF” and other means to let people know what you’re talking about.

With these in mind, here are the biggest social media channels where you can promote your account (and how to do so successfully):


Instagram remains one of the most important social networks out there and can really boost your fan counts on OnlyFans. So work from day 1 to build that audience and your Instagram followers.

To make things easier, I have already written an article sharing recommended Instagram hashtags to get your account some extra sets of eyeballs. Make sure to check it out!

In order to promote your OnlyFans account on Instagram, make sure that you have it in your bio (and always mention it in your new posts).

You should use a free website like to link to and have our URL there – linking directly from Instagram and other social media will most likely get you banned.

Alternately, you can share your link in Instastories as long as you have over 10k subscribers.

Be smart about the content that you put on Instagram! First of all, make sure it is family friendly, no matter what you’re doing on OF. Get creative with the hashtags you use for maximum exposure.

Second, make it in such a way that it sparks curiosity. You want your Instagram followers to be curious and to want to find out more about you, or to start caring about you and connect to a personal level so that they want to support you.

This is an art that takes time and talent to master, but practice does make perfect. Make sure you are active on Instagram and build up that audience!


Cute girl holding a Facebook like

Facebook is still a great place for any sort of promotion, including OnlyFans. You should definitely build up your page there and let people connect with you.

Also, you should make sure to join Facebook groups related to your niche. So for example, if your OnlyFans account focuses on eggplant peeling, join groups related to this activity.

Post valuable comments and topics and people will click your profile. From there, they can easily be taken to your OnlyFans and turned into paying subscribers.

I repeat: don’t join groups created exclusively for promoting Onlyfans accounts: nobody but other creators are there and you will get minimal (if any) results out of them. Instead, search for groups related to your activity or just popular groups and do stand out.


Just like Instagram, TikTok is a great place to focus on for building your subscribers count on OF.

You will have to be active and post content that goes viral (or at least popular), but the good thing is that you can still do relatively well without investing a ton of time.

Just like with Instagram, make sure to be completely family-friendly with all your content otherwise you risk getting banned!

You are also not allowed to directly promote your account, so make sure to mention it every now and then in your videos without making them nothing but ads to your other account.

Use the website recommended above as TikTok is not very friendly to direct links or constant mentions of OnlyFans either.


There are many successful YouTubers who made a nice impact on OF. But if you don’t already have a popular channel, you can always start one.

YouTube is still the biggest when it comes to video and you can easily build up an audience if you publish content regularly.

The best part about it is that it goes hand in hand with OnlyFans in most niches and can be used for teasing and intros, inviting your subscribers to join the paid OF platform for more “in-depth” posts.

2. Promote on Reddit

promoting onlyfans account

You probably can’t imagine how amazing Reddit can actually be for promoting OnlyFans! And you can do it in two different ways:

First, by joining various subreddits related to your activity (again, not those directly aimed at promotions) and posting valuable comments and new threads.

No matter if your OF account is safe for work or not, you will find dozens or more subreddits for promoting.

Second, make sure to always mention your URL or username in the About section of your profile.

Many people will actually click your profile to check it out if they like what you post in the various subreddits and will see the link to your OnlyFans. Easy as pie!

If you don’t really know where to start promoting on Reddit, join the subreddit OnlyFans101, then move from there to more niched subreddits based on the topics you cover.

3. Forums are not dead!

They might seem like an obsolete thing, but the truth is that many forums are still extremely popular and perfect for creating personal connections that can easily result in fans, especially as of late as Google really pushed them higher up in the search results, so they’re now seen by more people than ever.

Just like most places out there, you can’t just go on forums, throw your links away and hope to get much success. You will need to be at least somewhat active in the community and build up some sort of trust.

This takes a bit of time (like most things recommended here for promoting your account), but it is definitely worth doing.

Few creators actually focus on forums, so they’re not saturated yet and if you choose them wisely based on your activity, you can get tons of new fans.

4. Get influencer shoutouts

influencer shoutout

You can work out various deals to have other influencers on various social media channels to mention you, give a shoutout or directly promote either your OF directly, or one or more of your other social channels.

If you have the option to choose and be picky, always go with those influencers that have many followers, but also high levels of interaction on their posts.

Followers can be faked nowadays with relative ease, but actual interactions are difficult to fake. So if there are lots of comments and reactions to that particular influencer’s posts, this is a good sign.

In the end though, if you get the shoutouts for free – anything is better than nothing.

You can even contact and connect with other content creators in your niche and discuss reciprocal shoutouts.

5. Join related communities

This is for the more adult-oriented creators out there. The biggest adult video websites out there have communities you can join to promote your content.

I personally don’t find this to be the best approach for promotion – even if you do focus on this type of content. It’s best to create interest and tease potential fans instead of giving them everything like you should in this case.

But you can still get creative here and show as little as possible (or leave room for a lot more). Depending on the content you produce, this can indeed boost your fan counts.

6. Promote yourself on Discord

nice girl promoting herself on various platforms

Often ignored, Discord is a perfect place to promote your OnlyFans. There are tons of servers that you can join depending on your niche or the interests of your audiences and make a killing in terms of new subscriptions.

As always, don’t join those created solely for promoting creators since no actual potential fans are there. Instead, think about what you offer and join related Discord servers.

Remember that this service is big in the world of video game fans and geeks, so role-playing servers abound and you can make a killing there if your content is indeed related. But even if it’s not, you still have tons of options to choose from.

7. Offer discounts

While this is not a way to directly promote your account, you can still get a ton more fans from offering discounts.

Don’t overdo it and try to never offer content for free (set a limit here!), but discounts of up to 90% can be extremely useful for increasing and maintaining your presence.

You can also offer discounts directly to expired subscriptions: chances are that if they don’t renew the subscription, they won’t do it in the future either, but a nice discount of 50% might have them change their mind. As a result – more fans and better income for you!

8. Podcasts, interviews & website presence

podcast girls

Do a lot of reaching out to people out there – from podcast hosts to website owners, most of them will be more than happy to have you on board and have you share your story, even if you’re just Jane Doe who’s just starting up.

Sure, you do need to have something to say, but you will see that getting exposure for free (or at least for spending just some time) is a lot easier than you think.

If you have an unique approach or a unique story (like you’re the only creator that focuses on how to peel bananas, for example), this will make it even more interesting for podcast hosts and website owners.

Make sure to discuss beforehand that you are allowed to promote your account and go for it. It might not work as well as the other methods above, but it will build your personal brand and in the long term, this is extremely important.

9. Be active on OnlyFans itself

Make sure to show existing fans and potential subscribers that it’s worth spending money on you.

In other words, post engaging content regularly – this is the most important rule. Few people will be encouraged to start paying if they see you have 20 posts and 5 media.

Post as often as possible (daily, if possible), interact with your audience, answer DMs and make sure you give people reasons to subscribe or keep paying after subscribing.

How Do You Secretly Promote on OnlyFans?

onlyfans beautiful girl promo

You can have an OnlyFans account and promote it without your family knowing if you get creative. I also have a guide on how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face, if this is something you want to try (it will be more difficult though).

You will most likely have to create brand new social accounts for your new profile – from Instagram to Facebook and everything in between – and also use a new name/username.

Then, you will have to basically start from scratch and promote your account using the methods recommended above.

You can go with various other approaches, like becoming a “no face” creator (never showing your face) or wearing masks that don’t give away as much.

As long as you don’t promote your OnlyFans directly on your personal social medial handles, chances for having family or people you know find you on the platform are minimal.

Final words

If you want to become one of the highest earning creators on the platform, it won’t be easy. But you can definitely try and even if you manage to get above the average, you’ll still do pretty well!

In order to get noticed on OnlyFans, you will actually have to think outside the box and promote your profile on the various other social media channels out there, as well as podcasts, websites, forums – including Reddit and Discord.

Unless you already are a celebrity or have a big following when you start, it won’t be very easy to get a ton of paying subscribers. So you will need to work hard, be creative and never give up.

The fact that you read this article and learned so much already puts you ahead of most people who just throw shots in the dark hoping that something sticks.

Be smart about it, have a plan and stick to the plan: this is the guaranteed route for success and for getting noticed on OnlyFans!

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