Best OnlyFans Hashtags to Use on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook (Updated 2024)

If you want to promote your OnlyFans account on other social media, using the right hashtags can really boost your fan numbers.

And today we’re going to talk about the best hashtags to use for OnlyFans on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter/X and basically any other platform that allows the use of hashtags.

These will help you get your content in front of thousands (usually a lot more), without breaking the rules of the platforms in questions, and keeping the hashtags family-friendly, no matter what type of content you’re producing.

These hashtags are best used for Instagram, but you can also use them on Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms..

Best Instagram & TikTok hashtags for OnlyFans in 2024

When choosing hashtags for promoting your OnlyFans, you need to take a couple of important things into consideration:

1. Don’t use words like “OnlyFans” as part of the hashtag itself, nor use anything that could be considered aimed directly at adults.

Most social media sites don’t allow such content, so the risk of your account being banned or suspended is higher. Always play it safe!

2. Going for some more specific / niche hashtags will yield better results than going for the top hashtags on Instagram, even if the latter are more popular per se.

The latter has hundreds of posts per minute (sometimes a lot more), so your content won’t remain visible for long.

With these in mind, what are some of the best Instagram hashtags for Onlyfans? Let’s explore the plethora of options below – they work well for any other social platform too.

1. Physical trait / appearance hashtags


These are the easiest to come up with as they are directly related to your own person or persona.

These hashtags usually have the best impact and highest chances to result in likes and followers/fans since they reach people interested in that particular physical trait.

When choosing hashtags in this category, think from broad to narrow. For example, hashtags like #asiangirl, #braziliangirl, #latingirl can work well but more people will use them.

If you get a bit more specific, you might be in more luck. For example, you can also use hashtags that get a bit more in detail: #petiteasiangirl, #curvylatina, #fitblackwoman and so on.

You might also have various traits or things that make you special that others would find attractive. You can go for #pinkhairedgirls, #redheadbeauty, #tattooedgirl, #piercedgirl, #plussizemodel and so on.

Any particularity that you have can be turned into a tag and used to reach people that are directly into that.

The more specific the tag, the more likely that people who see it are genuinely interested into that particular trait and are more likely to follow you.

Getting the right hashtag will boost your fan numbers for sure, but it’s also important to produce high quality content. Part of that will be achieved if you check out my recommended cameras for Onlyfans.

2. Niche specific hashtags (activity related)

Apart from appearance, whatever your main activity is can become a very important tag.

These vary from the vary generic and highly competitive to the more detailed and niched down ones. You should always try both, but focus on the latter.

So if your OnlyFans channel focuses on a specific thing or is more related to a specific niche or activity, use that as one of the hashtags for your posts.

Here are some examples to get the idea: #geekygirl, #gamergirl, #nerdygirl, #cosplaygirl, #fitnessgirl, #girlcooking and so on.

It’s important to make sure that you don’t use anything that is considered exclusive for adults, as that is against the terms of use. If your main niche or activity is in a more delicate or sensitive topic, try to go as general as possible.

3. Trending / viral hashtags

OnlyFans Hashtags Pinterest Pin

Opposed to the hashtags that are generally popular, those that go viral or are trending can give you a few more eyeballs and therefore subscribers.

I would actually use X’s trending hashtag highlighter to get ideas of what’s popular, although following the trends yourself can give you some real gems too.

These type of hashtags are very competitive and eventually hundreds per second can be posted, pushing your content away from potential fans. But if you manage to catch one or two early on, you can score big here!

4. Hashtags related to emotions

These generally work well because people can connect with you and that particular emotion. However, they don’t necessarily result in fans – at least not as much as the top two recommendations above, but it can’t hurt to add them.

For example, use emotion tags that describe the picture you’re posting: #happygirl, #sadgirl, #teasinggirl, #cryinggirl, #laughinggirl, #feelingbad, #feelinggood, #Ineedcompany and so on.

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram for OF?

best onlyfans hashtags

I recommend using the maximum amount of allowed hashtags, which is 30. The more hashtags you use, the more places you will have your content featured in, with more potential fans for you. If you can’t get creative enough for that many hashtags, use a minimum of 10.

How to come up with the perfect list of hashtags for OnlyFans?

Using the popular hashtag ideas above, it’s easy to come with a list of at least 10-15 hashtags that you can save in a document and use constantly, altering it a bit if needed.

Always use at least 4 physical/appearance tags which are easy to come up with, followed by as many specific to your niche. These can usually be reused with every photo you publish.

Then, add emotion tags if any can be applied and round things up with the popular and trending hashtags if nothing specific is left to be published. Even though these viral tags won’t get you maximum exposure, even a bit is better than nothing.

For example, for a fairly regular girl with nothing really standing out, a great list of hashtags that could result in huge exposure would look like this:

#brunettegirl, #girlswithglasses, #girlnextdoor, #browneyes, #nerdygirl, #selfie, #homealone, #happygirl, #laughinggirl, #feelinggood, #girls, #beauty, #paytoseemore, #paytoseemyface, #beauties, #cute, #beautiful, #cutie

You can definitely go a lot more in depth here with appearance/physical trait tags, as well as more niche-specific ones. But always try to round up your tag list with more generic ones otherwise you’re giving away potential subscribers.

Now that you are familiar with the best practices and tags for OnlyFans, get the motivation you need to start grinding by reading my previous article sharing the numbers behind the top OnlyFans earners. You’ll probably be surprised!

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