4 Amazing Steampunk Objects and How To Make Them

I recently fell in love with steampunk fashion and looking for these items made me excited to try and make my own objects, just for the fun of it. These 4 Steampunk objects that you must have come in handy when you’re looking for directions of how to make them, and I really hope it’ll be easy for you and me to follow them.

“Steampunk, is a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Although its literary origins are sometimes associated with the cyberpunk genre, steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century’s British Victorian era or American “Wild West”, in a post-apocalyptic future during which steam power has maintained mainstream usage, or in a fantasy world that similarly employs steam power. Steampunk may, therefore, be described as neo-Victorian.” – this is according to Wikipedia.

So these 4 steampunk items I found inspired me to craft, so I hope it will spark some creativity into you too. Here they are, in all their glory.

Steampunk Goggles

I would definitely use Pringles Cans, easier to find, though Orange juice is healthier. You can find the instructions here, but I think everyone will add a personal touch to their own.

Steampunk Top Hat

If you have the goggles they work well with a hat, and even without them, this hat is a must have, it screams Steampunk. Follow this video to make sure you get it right. A trip to the thrift shop and you’ll make this beauty in no time.

Steampunk Gun

This amazing gun, looks incredibly easy to make, I almost stole my boy’s gun to make this, when he was sleeping. Of course I stopped myself, but I’m planning to buy all I need to try it, because these instructions are spot one, and I’m confident I’m going to get it right.

Steampunk Gadget Bug

I don’t like bugs, except this one. Perfect for our theme and looks pretty simple to DIY. It’s definitely kinda cute, never thought I’d say that about a bug. Find how to make one here.

Can’t wait to see how your items turned out. Visit us often for more articles like this, or subscribe to our page to get them first hand. See you around!

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