Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids Ages 3 to 4

Water slides are extremely fun for all ages, but when it comes to children, it’s best to have the little ones use the water slides that were designed specifically for their age: they are safer than those built for adults and older kids and they are extremely fun too! Parents can assist easily, so everybody is happy. But which are the best inflatable water slides for kids ages 3 to 4? We’re going to share our take on this after testing and checking out various slides – if you go and choose one of our recommendations, your toddler will be extremely happy and you can be positive that you’re getting a water slide that’s safe and easy to use.

So without further ado, let’s check out below the best inflatable water slides for kids aged 3 to 4!

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1. Bounceland’s Cascade Water Slide with Pool

01 best inflatable water slides for kids

Perfect for kids aged 3 and 4 years old – but not so much fun for older kids because the slides are small (which makes them safe for the young ones!) Bounceland’s cascade water slide has two slides – one of them is very close to the ground and I personally think that even younger kids can use it with close adult supervision. But even if you want to play it safe, kids in the recommended age range will have a lot of fun: there are two slides to choose from, a small tunnel to go through and a “pool” area where an adult can easily fit and relax, watching the little ones have fun. Highly durable and a great deal for this price!

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2. Big Splash Dual Water Slides

02 best inflatable water slides for kids

Now it’s time to have fun! This is one of my favorite inflatable water slides for kids and fortunately not just mine – the kids love it too and they will spend hours enjoying one of the two water slides. There is also a third slide that will eventually get wet and act as a water slide, but the two main ones are perfect and they’ll steal the show: one is slightly longer and not that fast, while the second is shorter but faster.

There is also a nice middle area where younger kids (but also older ones) can simply spend some time enjoying the water, there’s a small basketball hoop there and the whole thing gets inflated in just a few minutes, allowing the fun to start as soon as possible. If you get this, you will not need a different water slide for a long while. We had ours “tested” by a 7 years-old too and he also had a lot of fun, so it’s definitely one that even older kids will enjoy (while the middle “pool” area makes it a good choice for younger ones).

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3. Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park

03 best inflatable water slides for kids

If, for some reason, the previous recommendation didn’t tick all your boxes, we have another try: this one only has one slide, but it also comes with a large “pool” area that kids will enjoy. However, this one does have a few bad reviews and most of the people complain about it getting a small hole here or there and tearing a little bit – things that are usually very easy to fix or patch, but still things to consider if you don’t really want to do some extra work if required. Of course – whenever we’re dealing with anything inflatable, small holes can appear, so there’s a risk no matter what purchase you make. I’d still go with recommendation #2, but if you prefer one that is definitely a lot of fun for older kids because the slide is taller and longer, go for this one!

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You have three great options above for inflatable water slides that kids will love – just as much as adults will when they will see the little one enjoying them. Make your pick – I’m sure that you will be extremely satisfied with your purchase, no matter which one you choose – and let us know if you like it by commenting below.

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