Best Pool Floats for Two People (Adults) in 2018

Sometimes, enjoying the relaxing pool time you spent floating aimlessly in the pool is even better if you do it with the loved one – or a good friend nearby. Our best pool floats for two people list will help you find the best option when it comes to achieving that as fast as possible, all while acquiring a top quality pool float for 2. Because you really want a solid, well made float since you don’t want to end up in the water without warning!

So since the dog days of summer are getting closer and closer, it’s time to prepare. And if you’re looking for top pool floats for two, we’ve got you covered! So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check them out below: they’re listed from the cheapest to the most expensive below, with a luxury pool float included for those who have a few more bucks to spend on something really amazing!

You can, of course, use the double inflatable floats in the pool, but also at the beach, lakes or other sources of water as long as you are careful and the waves or currents are not to strong.

So let’s not waste any more time and let’s check out below the best pool floats for two adults in 2018, for a perfect holiday season!

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Face to Face Double Inflatable Pool Float

Measuring 66 inches, this double inflatable pool float offers amazing quality for a really low price. It’s designed in such a way that the two people lounging on it are face to face, so it’s great for conversations. It also special drink holders on the inflatable arms, so there’s really nothing that should stop you from having an amazing time at the pool and share it with a special person.

One slight disadvantage is that it can’t be used by a single person due to its design as it will flip over. But apart from that, you get great value for a low price – absolutely no complaints regarding the quality of this float!

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GoFloats Giant Inflatable Heart

This one is, in my opinion, perfect for couples or fancy pool parties that end up like the wildest movies. This huge floating heart is large enough to accommodate two people and it looks great. It also has two cup holders so that you can sip your cold beverage without a problem, all while enjoying the sun near your loved one.

Made from raft-grade vinyl material, this one is extremely durable, while also comfortable and quick to inflate.

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CoolerZ Side 2 Side Inflatable Floating Lounge

This one is absolutely perfect for a double inflatable pool float: not only that it is large and it has two comfortable pillows that can be inflated separately and allow for the two persons on the float to be face to face, but it also offers an amazing extra: a cooler bag in the middle, so that you can keep all your drinks cold. There are also two cup holders to the sides, as well as grab ropes, resulting in a perfect setup for enjoying the sun and the water.

Well made and comfortable, this is definitely a top choice for people looking for an inflatable lounge for two people.

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WOW Water Walkway Floating Inflatable Mat

An interesting concept with multiple potential uses: it has a zipper system on the sides, allowing it to be connected with as many other similar floating mats as you wish. When properly inflated, you can stand on it and walk on it meaning that you can connect two boats with it and walk from one to another, or have some fun games with other people.

One disadvantage of these tricks it offers is the fact that it’s not as thick as the others, but it still works. There are also no additional pillows or cup holders so if you’re only getting it for two people and there’s no plan for connecting multiple similar items together in the future, our other options might be better choices.

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Luxury Inflatable Raft Float Air Mattress

This is a luxury item priced accordingly, but it’s still worth all the money. Made from extremely comfortable and durable material, this is great for using on water or land and it has all you need to spend hours relaxing near a friend or loved one.

It has cup holders for your drinks and comes with a battery-operated air pump (not the best you can find, but it does the job eventually), as well as a carry bag for easier transportation. But the thing I like the most about it is the adjustable or removable sunshade. Really, if you can afford this, it’s top quality!

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So these would be our recommended pool floats for two people. I think that we’ve managed to cover all comfortable designs and give you options on both affordable floats, as well as a luxury option. Now all that’s left is for you to choose the one that looks the best and go for it!

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