Best Tongue Scraper for Dogs

We have already talked about the best tongue cleaners a while ago – but that was for humans, not our pets. And why would you even think about your dog’s tongue and why would you want to clean it? Well, if you want to keep your best friend healthy, getting a tongue scraper specifically designed for dogs is key: apparently, bat oral health can reduce your pet’s life by up to three years!

A tongue scraper for dogs not only manages to keep them healthier and remove bad breath, but also works in most cases with dogs who hate getting their teeth brushed! This happens because you apply a gel over the tongue scraper, one tasting like bacon for example, which dogs will lick by themselves, cleaning their tongue at the same time.

And since you’re here already and you know how it works, let’s find out which is the best tongue scraper for dogs and how to get one to improve the overall health and especially bad breath of your furry friend. There are basically two products who are fighting for supremacy right now and they’re both really good, with the slightly more expensive one being the better choice, in our opinion. But let’s check them both below!

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Pooch Smooch Tongue Scraper


The cheaper option that you have is created by Pooch Smooch and looks like an alien object created for world domination. In reality, it’s like a huge brush with 1500 bristles and 4 scrapers that your dog will actually lick. In order to make them do it, the tongue scraper for dogs comes with small pouches with different flavors: you simply put a bit of the paste on the scraper and the dog will lick it, cleaning their tongue at the same time. A very smart mechanic and an easy way to keep your dog healthy!

There are multiple flavors you can get for the Pooch Smooch Tongue Scraper for dogs and some might be a hit or a miss. We have peanut butter flavor, for example, as well as chicken, bacon cheeseburger and other flavors. Some dogs love them all, some dogs will only touch one and there are reports of dogs who don’t really like the taste of any, so there’s a bit of a risk involved here, but chances are very small that your dog won’t like the flavors and therefore won’t like the tongue cleaner.

The scraper is good for all dogs, no matter their size, you can easily wash the brush in the dishwasher and it is 100% BPA Free. A great option if you’re just starting out with this and you want to see how it goes.

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Orapup Tongue Scraper


This one is our favorite and we had better luck using this one as our dog for some reason decided he likes this better. It looks more like a regular brush and it seems that for some reason the dog finds it more natural to lick this than the other. It works based on the same principle, though: you just add the flavored syrup and the dogs will lick it, cleaning their tongues while doing so and therefore fighting bad breath, bacteria and plaque.

One of the things that I personally like more about this product is the fact that the Lickies (the syrup you put on the brush) are fortified with all-natural enzymes and anti-plaque benefits to help build your dog’s natural oral health and defend against bad breath. So ingredients-wise, it would look like this one is the healthier, more natural option! And even though they only have two flavors (Beef & Bacon and Chicken), dogs really love them. Of course, this could be a matter of luck and your own dog’s preferences, so in the end you can’t know until he or she tries them.

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All in all, the Orapup tongue scraper is our top choice when it comes to the best tongue scraper for dogs, but the Pooch Smooch has many great reviews as well, so your dog might love it just as much. The bottom line is that they both work based on the same principles, so all that matters for you is to pick one and make sure that you dog uses it daily. Grab a couple of refills with the product you choose and you’re all set!

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