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Best Flat Iron for Fine Curly Hair (Ranked & Reviewed)


When it comes to choosing a great flat iron for your hair, the options available in stores out there are limitless, but you rarely know if a product really works as advertised and – most importantly – works with your type of hair. So even if your best friend has a flat iron she’s extremely happy with, it might not work as well for you because you might have a different hair type, so make sure that you always take it into account when choosing your flat iron!

In this article, we’re going to focus on sharing with you the best flat iron for fine curly hair: it’s probably one of the most difficult types of hair to deal with and you probably know that already first hand: you need to be very careful when it comes to choosing your flat iron, as factors like temperature and material will influence the outcome. And you don’t want to burn your hair, not have it look as if a storm just passed through it. So if you have fine curly hair and you want it straightened, look no more as we have for you below the best flat irons for fine curly hair ranked and reviewed. So that you don’t have to do the research, just enjoy the best!

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Infiniti Pro by Conair (Cheapest!)

best flat iron thin curly hair 01

We will start with a really cheap product – and you won’t believe how good it is for the low price it offers! First of all, we should note that when it comes to choosing a flat iron for fine curly hair, you should go for Tourmaline Ceramic or Titanium flat irons with many heat settings, as you don’t want to burn your hair – instead work your way up to what works best for you. And this little beast has 30 heat settings, all the way up to 455°F and it only requires 15 seconds to heat up.

It has some slightly longer plates (when compared to regular flat irons) and a really smooth surface that offers a fast & nice glide. It is highly appreciated by the community, rocking a 4.4 stars out of 5 review score on Amazon.com – with almost 500 reviews. This means that it does pack a punch for its really low price! Check out a before and after photo to see for yourself:

best flat iron thin curly hair 02

Since it goes up to temperatures that are so high and also comes with Argan Oil bottle to protect your hair even more when you use it, it also works with thicker hair, but does wonders for thin, curly hair as well. A hair stylist who tried it has the words that we agree with regarding the results of using flat iron: “Super Straight, Super Hot, Super Flat and Very shiny Hair!”

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Proffesional HSI Flat Iron

best flat iron thin curly hair 03

I wanted to put this in all-caps, but decided against it. However, at the moment of writing this article, the Proffesional HSI Flat Iron is on a huge discount sale on Amazon (check the link below) and it’s available with an impressive 80% discount. We’re talking here about the best selling flat iron on Amazon and one of the best flat irons you can get your hands on, so please hurry and take advantage of this offer!

And even if the offer expires, we still consider the Proffesional HSI Flat Iron one of the best possible choices, if not THE BEST. It’s a Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron that offers temperatures ranging between 240F to 400F and also has an useful design bonus – a swivel cord – that makes sure that no matter how you hold it, the cord won’t make your life miserable as it happens with most flat irons out there. Also, thanks to its 1-inch plate width, it also allows you to create sleek locks for a perfect look! Here is an image showing the results of using it:

best flat iron thin curly hair 04

As I said, this is the #1 best selling flat iron on Amazon.com and it has an impressive 16,700 reviews, averaging a 4.4 rating (out of five): over 11,500 people rated it a maximum 5 stars and that says a lot about the quality of this gem! It doesn’t rip your hair, it doesn’t burn your hair if you use the right temperature and it is truly impressive. Definitely one of the best choices you could make!

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Croc Classic

best flat iron thin curly hair 05

Titanium flat irons are also a great choice when it comes to flat irons and the Croc Classic offers a nice and smooth titanum experience. It has 25 heat settings that range from 200F – 450F by increments of 10F, so you can easily find that perfect temperature for your type of hair. It claims to be 60% faster than classic ceramic flat irons, so this is definitely something to consider, as well as the fact that it has a modern nano-silver technology for sterilization and deodorization.

The performance of this flat iron is sky-high too! It is indeed very fast (also heats quickly) and leaves your hair shiny and smooth. It has a great rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 from 374 customer reviews, but you should pay attention to the fact that a few of them complain that the flat iron died on them after a few months of heavy usage – although everybody agreed that it works like a charm. Personally, I wouldn’t be too worried that it might stop working – but if you know if you are clumsier and don’t really take great care of your products, it might be a risk. Still, we put this product on the list for a reason: it does a great job and just a few people reported problems!

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While we consider any of these flat irons perfect for fine curly hair, please have in mind that they might not work just as well with different types of hair, especially if you have thicker hair (which usually requires higher temperatures). But for fine, curly hair – you will be more than satisfied! So if you’re on a budget, this is the flat iron for you!


    • Indeed, Karmin has some great products: our list does not exclude other products and it’s usually difficult to include all the great products on a list that has to be kept short and efficient. However, I am still confident that the products listed above will keep the buyers happy!


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