The Most Beautiful Decorative Light Switch Covers for the Nursery (2020 Update)

It feels like we’re never doing enough to turn our baby’s room into the most beautiful place in our home. Attention to detail and the decorations we use are extremely important and one overlooked aspect are the light switches in the room.

We can actually use some decorative light switch plates for the nursery, in order to truly add that important element that will make the room better and more kid-friendly. And today I am here to share with you the best light switch covers for girl rooms, as well as options for boy rooms.

These not only look good, but are also very durable and safe so you can rest assured that your little bundle of joy will truly enjoy their room – just as much as you and any visitors will. Because a small element like a cute switch plate for your baby’s room can make a big difference.

It’s just like taking the extra time needed to choose that perfect night light for your nursery.

So let’s start looking at these products right away. Please note that most of them come in various shapes, so you can get them to match your needs (double toggle, single toggle or outlet cover).

We’re listing them as light switch plates for girls rooms and boys rooms – but by all means you can get any from the list, no matter what’s the gender of your baby!

Please note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

Cute Girl Room Light Switch Covers

Pink Teddy Bear Light Switch Plate

Pink bear light switch cover for nursery

Cute and pink, but without going over the top in terms of decorations and color. Perfect to blend in with various room designs. Click here to get yours on Amazon (or find out more details).

Butterfly Light Switch Plate Covers

Butterflies light switch cover for nursery

These are perfect for those who love butterflies or want to go for a spring/floral design. Click here to check the price.

Pink and Grey Arrow Light Switch Plate

Arrows pattern light switch cover for nursery

If you’re looking for a modern and elegant look, these work great for nurseries, without being too “childish”. Really beautiful, too so click here to check them out.

Pastel Heart Light Switch Plate

Pastel hearts light switch cover for nursery

I personally think that you can’t have too many hearts in your baby or toddler’s room. And this cute light switch cover definitely works well with that thought. Click here to get yours now.

Mother And Baby Elephant

Cute elephants light switch cover for nursery

Absolutely amazing elephant art for setting up the cutest nursery ever. I absolutely love the design and minimalist approach that still manages to be youthful and insanely cute. Click here to check it out.

Cute Boy Room Light Switch Covers

Elephant Light Switch Plate Covers

Blue elephants light switch cover for nursery

Another piece of amazing art: relaxing and cute, this is perfect for any nursery out there. Click here to get yours or to find out more.

Monster Truck Light Switch Plate Covers

Monster Trucks light switch cover for nursery

Boys love cars, no matter their age. Monster trucks are even better, making this particular design perfect for your little baby’s room. Click here to get yours now.

Shark Attack Light Switch Plates Covers

Blue Shark light switch cover for nursery

Fortunately, it’s not an attack that will scare the little fellows! This design goes well with various nursery room themes, so click here to get one or more.

Woodland Forest Light Switch Plate

Forest animals light switch cover for nursery

This one has a bit of a retro look, doesn’t it? That’s not a bad thing, fortunately, and I am sure you can use it to improve the overall looks of your baby’s room. Head over to Amazon to check it out.

Cute animals wall plate cover

Cute animals light switch cover for nursery

Cute and fun, this model will surely encourage your little one to love animals – or at least deliver some real eye candy to your room. Check it out here.

Wrapping up

With so many amazing options available, I guess that this article gets you in the mood for well… simply making another baby just to be able to do some more decorating.

Jokes aside, you do have some amazing models to choose from to turn your nursery or toddler’s room into a dream place. Now pick your favorite and make it happen!

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