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Best Lucky Bamboo Plants: Ranked & Reviewed


I love plants, and I am starting to feel more attracted by new stuff (so goodbye classic pots!). I love plant terrariums as always manage to bring a futuristic look to any room they’re into, but sometimes you might not have enough time to handle the watering or maybe you don’t have the space for that. Lucky Bamboo is the perfect choice if you’re lazy like I am and don’t want to change the water for weeks. Of course, you might love the plants too – I certainly love them for their amazing minimalism – or you just want them around for improving the karma and send out the positive vibes towards you. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter why you want them – lucky bamboo plants are beautiful, easy to keep alive and its said that they bring you good luck. What more can you ask for?

If you said “some recommendations for the best lucky bamboo plants” then you don’t have to ask twice: I am here to share with you the best suggestions for these amazing plants, some really awesome recommendations so you don’t have to do all the research and waste your time. We did that already and we have the best lucky bamboo plants for you below, from Amazon which is the most trusted and arguably the biggest online store in the world!

Live 8 Braided Style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement

01 best lucky bamboo plants

This beautiful handmade & braided lucky bamboo arrangement is 15-16 inches tall and looks amazing. Comes with the stylish black ceramic vase and is one of the best arrangements I’ve seen. Click here to check it out and order it!

Live Spiral 3 Style Lucky Bamboo Plant

02 best lucky bamboo plants

This is absolutely perfect! You get three bamboo sticks and the beautiful vase that brings up the style a lot. I love it and I am sure you would too! You can check it out on Amazon.

Spiral Style with Artificial Flowers and Ceramic Vase

03 best lucky bamboo plants

The title says it all and I am sure that the image above speaks 1,000 words as well. We’re talking about a spiral-style bamboo arrangement, tweaked with some artificial flowers to make it more colorful and nice. Check it out here.

Live Spiral 7

04 best lucky bamboo plants

We’re talking here about a nice arrangement of 7 bamboo sticks, some of which (usually two) are spiraled, and the others straight. I absolutely love this one – and the ceramic vase too, which is included! Really sweet deal on Amazon.

Dream Catcher Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement

05 best lucky bamboo plants

What an amazing idea to combine a dreamcatcher design with the lucky bamboo plants! The final product is amazing and is a must have for those who love Dream Catchers too! Check it out here.

Heart 5 Style Lucky Bamboo

06 best lucky bamboo plants

The perfect gift for your loved one at any time of the year! Not only that we have a heart-shaped arrangement, but it’s also completed with a great red ceramic vase (also heart-shaped) and some nice flowers. Click here to check it out.

Three Tiered Lucky Bamboo Arrangement Elephant Vase

07 best lucky bamboo plants

Now this is a really complex arrangement too! You can easily see that a lot has been invested in creating it and the result is beautiful. The Elephant vase is cute and makes the product as a whole look truly spectacular! Check it out here.

Lucky Bamboo Elephant Vase

08 best lucky bamboo plants

If you like the elephant vase idea, but you don’t want an arrangement that’s as complex as the one above, this one will certainly do the trick. Minimalist, cute and cheap! You can check it out here.

Lucky Bamboo Dragon design

09 best lucky bamboo plants

Well, I don’t really see the dragon there and the plants that you receive might look slightly different, but it still is a great product that looks amazing! You also get a handmade ceramic vase to increase it’s value and make it truly unique. Check it out here.

Party Set of 4 Bamboo Plant Arrangements

10 best lucky bamboo plants

What is better than a Lucky Bamboo arrangement? 4 of them! At least that’s what the folks at 9GreenBox seem to think and I completely agree with that. If you do too, click here to check it out!

So these are our recommendations – all these arrangements look absolutely amazing and have great reviews on Amazon, making them great purchases for yourself or as a really nice gift. I am sure you will easily find a favorite on the list above.


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