Best Lucky Bamboo Plants: Ranked & Reviewed

Lucky Bamboo is slowly becoming one of my favorite plants out there, because it seems to do extremely well even with little care or little sun. They are also beautiful plants and I am sure anybody would love them.

I also love plant terrariums as they always manage to bring a futuristic look to any room they’re into, but sometimes you might not have enough time to handle the watering or maybe you don’t have the space for a terrarium or even regular potted plants.

Lucky Bamboo is the perfect choice in that situation, or if you’re lazy like I am and don’t want to change the water for weeks.

Of course, as I said already, the plant itself is beautiful for its charming minimalism, and it’s also said that it improves the karma and sends out positive vibes towards you.

In the end, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter why you want a Lucky Bamboo plant on your desk, or anywhere else at home or in the office – these plants are beautiful, easy to maintain and extremely hardy. Plus, it is said that they bring you good luck. What more can you ask for from a plant?

Probably nothing more than just knowing which one to choose, and for that matter I am here to help as well: I am here to share with you the best lucky bamboo plants that you will absolutely love having in your home.

It’s true that ideally, you will go to a brick and mortar store to choose your favorite – but in today’s reality, when online shopping is done for everything, you can also get your lucky bamboo from an online store, since it’s the fastest and easiest option.

We did all the research for you now, and we have the best lucky bamboo plants below, available for purchase with just one click (or more, if you feel the need to check out even more options out there).

Please note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

Live 8 Braided Style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement

01 best lucky bamboo plants

This beautiful handmade & braided lucky bamboo arrangement is 15-16 inches tall and looks amazing.

It comes with the stylish black ceramic vase you see in the photo above and is one of the best arrangements with these plants, in my opinion. Lovely so Click here to check it out and order it!

Live Spiral 3 Style Lucky Bamboo Plant

02 best lucky bamboo plants

This is absolutely perfect! You get three bamboo sticks and the beautiful vase that brings up the style a lot. Three sticks represent happiness, so it’s worth investing in this arrangement to bring all those positive vibes your way.

I love it and I am sure you would too! You can check it out on Amazon.

Spiral Style with Artificial Flowers and Ceramic Vase

03 best lucky bamboo plants

The title says it all and I am sure that the image above speaks 1,000 words as well. We’re talking about a spiral-style bamboo arrangement, tweaked with some artificial flowers to make it more colorful and nice.

While I will probably dump the artificial flower eventually, because I simply prefer live plants, I can’t deny that it looks really impressive. Check it out here.

Live Spiral 7

We’re talking here about a nice arrangement of 7 bamboo sticks, some of which (usually two) are spiraled, and the others straight. 7 is considered a lucky number, so this arrangement will bring you even more luck (or at least so it’s said).

I absolutely love this one – and the ceramic vase too, which is included! Really sweet deal on Amazon.

Three Tiered Lucky Bamboo Arrangement Elephant Vase

07 best lucky bamboo plants

Now this is a really complex arrangement, isn’t it? You can easily see that a lot has been invested in creating it and the result is beautiful – you have your own little Lucky Bamboo forest, perfect for your desk or actually any place in your room.

The Elephant vase itself is cute and makes the product as a whole look truly spectacular! Check it out here.

Lucky Bamboo Elephant Vase

08 best lucky bamboo plants

If you like the elephant vase idea, but you don’t want an arrangement that’s as complex as the one above, this one will certainly do the trick. Minimalist, cute and cheap! You can check it out here.

Lucky Bamboo Dragon design

09 best lucky bamboo plants

Well, I don’t really see the dragon design here, and the plants that you receive might look slightly different, but it still is a great product that looks amazing! You also get a handmade ceramic vase to increase it’s value and make it truly unique. Check it out here.

Party Set of 4 Bamboo Plant Arrangements

10 best lucky bamboo plants

What is better than a Lucky Bamboo arrangement? 4 of them! At least that’s what the folks at 9GreenBox seem to think and I completely agree with that. If you do too, click here to check it out and get this set to share with your friends, loved ones or just to keep for yourself!

Heart Shaped Lucky Bamboo

I really like the creativity behind this particular design, and I am sure that you can appreciate it as well. It works best as a gift for your loved one (bonus points if they already love Lucky Bamboo or plants in general).

Click here to get one now and make somebody you love happy! And have in mind that you’re actually getting a 3-pack, not just one arrangement (pot not included).

Dollar Sign Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

Another really interesting design, this time of a dollar sign. This one’s definitely not for everybody, but if you find it funny or nice or consider it a good idea – you can make it yours.

Just click here and order yours today.

These are our recommended Lucky Bamboo arrangements for today – all of them look absolutely amazing and have great reviews on Amazon, making them great purchases for yourself or a really nice gift.

I am sure you will easily find a favorite on the list above, but if you’d still want something different – there are tons of options out there, fortunately.

How to care for your Lucky Bamboo Plants?

As I was saying earlier, Lucky Bamboo sticks and arrangements are extremely hardy plants and it’s almost impossible to kill them. You don’t have to change water often, you don’t have to keep them in direct light (although that helps) and generally, you can just forget about them for a while and only remember every now and then.

But with them being so nice looking, I am sure that you won’t actually forget about them and give them all the minimal care that they need.

You can plant them in regular plant soil, any selection of rocks, stones, pebbles and even sand or directly into water.

It is actually easier to keep the plant in water directly (and add pebbles to keep it from falling) as planting them in soil that’s not always moist could actually do more harm. But generally, these are very hardy plants that will adapt to any living condition, as long as they have water.

You should have enough water to cover the roots – but if the levels go beyond that or above, you should generally have no problems either. I prefer not to add fertilizer to the water and let the plant grow by itself, slowly.

While some people recommend changing the water every 2 weeks, I never did that with my lucky bamboo plants that I own for years (and they have no problem).

I only add water when its levels are low, very rarely (maybe once every couple of months) washing the container if there are no stones inside. In the container with stones, I never washed it in 2 years. And it’s still going strong, as long as I always keep the water levels in check.

However, if the water or the plant begins to smell bad, make sure to investigate for the cause – and first thing should be removing the water, cleaning the container and adding fresh water instead.

If leaves start to turn yellow, this could be caused by lack of water or the plant itself being in direct sunlight (so try to avoid it). However, when that happens, you can simply cut off the yellow part off the leaf, or the entire leaf.

And this would be, in my opinion, all that you need to know about Lucky Bamboo plants – so just choose your favorite from our list above and enjoy it!

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