Best Organic Decaf Coffee to Drink in 2020

Just like most people on this planet, I love drinking coffee. I used to survive on coffee during the long working hours and it wasn’t just for the energy boost that I loved drinking it: I absolutely love the taste, the texture, everything about it!

Unfortunately, some health-related issues have forced me to stop drinking my favorite coffee, but this didn’t stop me from drinking coffee completely: I just had to switch to decaffeinated coffee instead! And after months of testing different brands and flavors, I finally managed to pick my winners and I am here to share them with you: the best organic decaf coffee you can drink in 2020!

If it’s not decaf coffee that you’re looking for, we have ranked the best organic coffee here – so make sure to check out that article instead and enjoy some of the most amazing flavors on the market today.

Now, why would you want to go for organic decaf coffee? It’s not for the extra dollars you have to spend on it compared to the non-organic one, it’s because of the process used to get it decaffeinated. Most of the regular decaf coffee brands out there use various unhealthy chemicals to wash the caffeine away, making the drink less healthy or even unhealthy because some of those chemicals end up in your cup!

On the other hand, organic coffee is obtained using healthier methods: the coffee beans are soaked in water and either a charcoal filter is used for sucking the caffeine, or mineral water is used to wash it away.

This method to decaffeinate the coffee beans is known as the Swiss Water Process or Swiss Water Method and is considered the healthiest available. You are guaranteed that no chemicals have been used in the process. Plus, the coffee itself is grown organically, which is always a bonus!

These being said, let’s move on and find out which is the best organic decaf coffee right now: a decaf coffee that still has the flavor, the taste, the pleasant bitterness of regular coffee, but with almost no caffeine, so it’s safe to drink by those who are not allowed to have more – or don’t want to. The coffees listed here are in no particular order and I consider them all winners!

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1. Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee

I love Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee and it’s usually this brand that I go for when shopping for organic decaf coffee. It tastes amazing, a mixture of caramel and dark chocolate with bittersweet intensity – not too bitter, but not too light either.

A great choice and many people I know to whom I recommended this decaf coffee have switched entirely to drinking it a lot more often in order to manage their daily caffeine intake. Even though decaf, it still keeps the flavor intact and doesn’t have the rotten taste that many decaf coffees have. Five star coffee here without a doubt!

Click here to check out and give it a try!

2. Green Mountain K Cup Newman’s Special Decaf


I think that you can’t have a respectable “best of” list involving coffee without featuring the Green Mountain brand – no matter if we’re talking regular or decaffeinated coffee.

This delicious blend comes in K-Cups, so it’s perfect for the Keurig machine owners (but pretty much useless otherwise since you can’t prepare it).

I usually prefer very dark coffee with a really strong taste and this one is a bit lighter than what I like. It still has a strong taste and great flavor, it’s smooth and less acidic than regular coffee. I’d call it a medium-dark coffee, one that you can easily fall in love with.

Below, you will have the link for the 24 K-Cup Pack, but in the future I would recommend you getting the 96 K-Cups pack since you pay the least amount per cup. Don’t go for the 48 or 72 packs as the price per K-Cup is, strangely, higher than what you’d pay if you got the 24 cups pack (at least at the moment of writing this article).

Click here to check it out and/or buy it.

3. Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee


Great decaf coffee is not something that most people would rank Canada for producing, but that’s probably because they haven’t tried the Kicking Horse yet!

I first found out about this brand a couple of years ago when tasting their regular coffee (which, by the way, is excellent too!) Then I decided to try their decaf, organic option and as you can see, it was just as good taste-wise: dark, full of flavor and absolutely delicious!

You can easily offer this decaf coffee to a coffee lover and they will most likely never be able to tell that it’s decaffeinated.

Please have in mind that you’re getting a Whole Bean coffee here, so you’ll have to grind it before use. I believe that this helps keeping the flavor always fresh, even though it involves an extra step if you don’t have a coffee maker equipped with a grinder.

Click here to check it out and get some.

4. Van Houtte Light Roast K Cups

Another option for those who prefer the K Cups, as well as lighter roasted coffee. As I told you already, I prefer my coffee dark and with a strong taste, but out of the light ones I tried, I liked the Van Houtte the most.

It’s not extremely light as you can still taste a bit of the bitterness of regular coffee, and it also has a great, sweet, nutty flavor. If you want something delicious and a coffee that’s not very bitter, this is a great option for you! Don’t expect it to pack a real punch if you’re switching from a very dark, strong coffee!

Click here to check it out right now.

5. San Francisco Bay French Roast Decaf


As a coffee that has over 21,000 ratings on Amazon and an average of 4.4 stars out of 5, it is definitely one you have to check out and taste at least once in your life!

The San Francisco Bay brand comes in multiple flavors, but one of their most popular and best tasting is the French Roast which fortunately comes in a decaffeinated version as well. Have in mind that we’re talking about K-Cups here!

This is a coffee with a rich, intense flavor. A dark roasted coffee that packs the same punch to the taste buds as the regular one, but without the caffeine. It’s also cheaper than most organic coffees obtained using the Swiss Water Process, and that’s also a bonus!

And another bonus – this time to our quest of saving the planet: the one-cup pods are made from plant-based materials and fully compostable!

So click here to give it a try!

Have in mind that all decaf coffees still have traces (more or less) of caffeine, so if you want to stay 100% away from caffeine, you should not drink them! However, even those on a restricted caffeine diet can still have them safely as there are only traces present and I am sure that you will fall in love with the taste of our recommended products.

But if you are staying away from caffeine from medical reasons, make sure to discuss with your doctor first if you are allowed to have decaf.

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