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Best Organic Coffee for 2018: Delicious & High Quality (Includes Decaf Entry!)


In most cases, drinking coffee is already part of our lives and an important moment during the morning (and in many cases, a couple times more during the day). There are so many delicious flavors and high quality coffee brands that we can never complain, but even if you already have a favorite, you still owe it to yourself to try new things and hopefully get an even better coffee to start your days with, to keep you awake and to delight your senses.

Organic coffee is extremely popular as it is grown in safe environments and considered healthier than regular coffee. Plus, for some reason, I always found organic coffee to have a better flavor – it’s richer, tastier, stronger. It’s just better and we have selected for you below the best of the best: the best organic coffee you can enjoy in 2018 – including an entry of what we consider the best decaf coffee for those who have to or want to reduce their caffeine intake. If you want even more options, we have a separate list of the best decaf organic coffee here.

(Note: This article was initially written in 2016, but we’re constantly updating it in order to continue offering you the best options in terms of best tasting organic coffee – this has now been updated for 2018)

So let’s not waste any time and let’s delight our senses with the best organic coffee recommendations below!

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1. Green Mountain Coffee: Sumatran Reserve

best organic coffee 2016 01

It’s almost cliche to have Green Mountain Coffee on a “Best coffee” list, but the truth is that we’re dealing here with an amazingly delicious coffee with an unique flavor. This is the only coffee on our list that comes in K-cups – because those who prefer brewing their coffee using Keurig machines also have an amazing option. This is a coffee with great character coming from Sumatra. A coffee offering a sweet palate of brown sugar and spice notes: deeply roasted to perfection, this coffee is extremely strong and packs quite a punch in the morning. You’ll love it!

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2. The Organic Coffee Co – Breakfast Blend

best organic coffee 2016 02

Coming from South and Central America (with most of it grown organically in Panama – but all the other sources for the Organic Coffee Co brands are organic), the Breakfast Blend is my favorite of them all. Great tasting and very smooth, this is not one extremely strong coffee, but it’s delicious. It’s lighter than the very dark roasted coffees, so those preferring the strong, bitter taste, might not put it high on their list. But it’s delicious, it has a great flavor and I personally consider it perfect for my early morning coffee.

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3. Death Wish Ground Coffee

best organic coffee 2016 03

It’s time to switch from our previous lighter coffee to what’s described by its makers as “the world’s strongest coffee” and they might be just right about it! Having double the caffeine of your average coffee, this coffee is smartly packed and has a great name – but it’s not all just marketing. We’re really talking here about a coffee that packs a massive punch: dark, rich, bold and extremely flavorful, this coffee is definitely for those who want a super-strong coffee to start their day with. It’s a bit more bitter than what we’re used with because of the coffee they use to make it so strong, but if you like the bitter taste, it’s not only delicious, but wakes you up like the loudest alarm during a silent night. You must try it at least once in your life time to decide if it’s good or bad for you!

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4. Kicking Horse Coffee – Three Sisters

This is a new entry compared with our last year’s list: a charming, surprising coffee that I tried recently and fell in love with irrevocably.

This is a medium-dark roasted coffee and this particular bag is whole bean, so you have to ground it yourself for the extra touch of freshness and flavor. This is a fantastic coffee: smooth and savory, with a strong taste and offering a solid kick of caffeine. It is presented as a medium roast, but I would consider it a medium-dark roast actually, which tastes even better if you prefer darker coffee. If you like it very dark, this doesn’t fit the bill though, but I personally think that you should give it a try as it is absolutely delightful!

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5. Best Organic Coffee, Decaf: Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee

best organic coffee 2016 05

If you prefer decaffeinated coffee instead (or you just want to mix and match them to keep your caffeine intake low), I have a real treat for you: this decaf coffee is decaffeinated by a chemical-free Swiss Water process, making sure that you not only get the best possible taste, but also the healthiest option out there when it comes to decaffeinated coffee. It tastes wonderful, a mixture of caramel and dark chocolate with bittersweet intensity – not too bitter, but not too light either. A great choice and many people I know to whom I recommended this decaf coffee have switched entirely to drinking it (and loving it!) I am sure you will too!

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So there you have them – four delicious and amazing organic coffee brands to try out in 2016, plus what I consider the best decaf organic coffee out there. Enjoy!


  1. Is it my imagination or is the latest Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve more lightly roasted than before? The label has changed, and is now green instead of brown. I hope I just got a bad batch.

    • Maybe it’s a different thing? The green K-Cups are usually labeled “extra bold” but should be a bit… well… bloder and better roasted. Maybe you just got a bad batch or not what you used to usually order.


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