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Cloth Pads VS Sanitary Napkins: Which Are the Best for You?


I think that most ladies today would look at you as if you were an alien if you even suggested they switched to using the old school, classic cloth pads instead of the modern sanitary napkins. But are cloth pads really such a bad idea as we all initially believe? We’ll try to find out in today’s article where two womanly products face off: Cloth Pads VS Sanitary Napkins, and we’ll have our answer to the burning question: “are cloth pads any good?”

I believe that everybody knows and has used the disposable sanitary napkins and very few ladies out there used or at least know exactly what the cloth pads are. So we’ll talk about them first because they’re today’s center of attraction!

Cloth pads are green. They save nature, they save the planet, they make us feel better. But there’s usually an “ewww” chain reaction that follows once you mention them because, well… cloth pads are reusable, which means that they have to be cleaned and dried before you can use them again. Yes, it’s a lot easier to pack them, throw them away and forget they ever existed… but gross things are not always the worst. Especially if you care about this planet’s future.

And it’s not just the planet’s future that makes cloth pads a good choice when it comes to your menstrual cycle! They are also a lot healthier (unless you buy organic sanitary napkins): the regular ones can contain all sorts of chemicals, pesticides and/or petrochemical products. Also, tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome. Plus, the price element comes into mind: an average lady is believed to use up to 300 disposable sanitary napkins in her lifetime, which makes them a lot more expensive that the ones you can reuse.

Also, cloth pads are not as icky as you might they are – but it all depends on personal preferences. Have in mind that you will have to wash them and you can’t just throw them in the washing machine – you have to rinse them first which might be a big “No” for some ladies out there. But many of us have a strong stomach anyway and we can handle a bit of blood – especially since it’s ours.

Cloth pads don’t leak, contrary to common belief – even though there is a risk they will. However, some brands even offer cloth pads lined with waterproof fabric if you want to be extra careful. They are indeed bulkier than your ultra-thins, but nobody’s perfect. Not even sanitary napkins or cloth pads. But the latter are, in my opinion, the choice you should make because the pros outweigh the cons.

Plus, it is said that the classic cloth pads (who can have a life of up to several years if used correctly and of high quality), reduce menstrual cramps, infections and skin rashes, being healthier overall as we’ve already said. Plus it’s also a bit empowering for women to use them, which is always a good bonus in my opinion. And for some, the fact that you can even customize them on some occasions and they have all those cute models and whatnot is also a big bonus.

Now it all depends on what type of person you are and how much you can get past the “yuck factor” that involves having to clean them after each use. I personally believe that it’s all worth the trouble and below you have a few recommendations on my side (the recommendations are based on two different locations of Amazon shops to reduce your shipping costs, not as a difference made between US and European women):

Recommended cloth pads for US residents:

– Love My Antibacterial Bamboo Cloth Pads
– Reusable Mama Cloth/ Menstrual Pads
– 8 Pieces Menstrual Set (includes cup)
– Organic Cotton Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Recommended cloth pads for UK/Europe:

– Cheeky Mama Bamboo Cloth Pads
– Charlie Banana Pads
– Dutchess Reusable Sanitary Pads
– EQLEF 2 Pieces of Menstrual Pads

You should try them out and you might just fall in love with them! And don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us about the reusable cloth pads – we’d love to hear your story or opinion!


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