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Best Ant Farms with Live Ants: Best Ant Habitats Ranked & Reviewed


I’ve always been fascinated by habitats and terrariums and miniature ecosystems and probably I am not the only one in this situation: not only that you have a lot to learn about life itself from these mini ecosystems and habitats, but they are also extremely interesting to watch and allow you to feel like a small God for the creatures you observe and end up caring for eventually.

The same goes for ant farms (or ant habitats – whatever you want to call them), even though it’s pretty difficult to find one where you can actually see the small inhabitants at work and create perfect living conditions for them. And to save you from the trouble of trial and error and getting habitats that simply don’t work, we’ve checked out a lot of them and came back with the results: the best Ant Farms with live ants or best and habitats for you. Ranked and reviewed below, just one click away from your doorstep! So check them out!

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Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

01 fascination antworks

This is indeed a miniature habitat – just 9 x 9 x 4 inches, but it can be easily considered a great entry point if you never had one or if you don’t have a lot of space for larger ant farms. The fact that it is illuminated gives it an interesting touch, allowing you to observe the little ants day and night.

In terms of the quality, the gel that fills the ant habitat remains soft and is easy to dig through, and you also get a coupon to get the ants after you have your farm set up. After over 400 reviews, the AntWorks Illuminated Blue from Fascinations has a rating of 4.1 out of 5, with reviewers praising it for its high quality, some saying that the gel can be reused with fresh ants. Just be careful – as it is the case with all the ant habitats here – not to allow any ants bite you since it’s pretty painful!

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Rainbow Ant Farm

02 rainbow ants

This is another amazing product from Fascination and one of my all time favorite ant farms. The main center of attraction here is the fact that you get five different colors of sand that can be poured in to create absolutely beautiful ant habitats – this one will really look amazing, with or without ants.

But we want the ants, of course, and you will get a coupon for them with your order. The quality is there – just like with every Fascination product, and it is extremely fun for grown-ups and kids to watch the ants dig through your model and completely change the layout of the colored sand. And even though most reviewers are extremely happy with the products, some warn that since it’s sand we’re talking about, you might have trouble seeing all the ants and what they’re doing – but you can try and compensate for this by creating a few holes on the top by yourself, right near the glass so that the ants will be easier to spot.

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Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution

03 uncle milton

When you’re talking about an amazing product created by the mind behind the popular life simulation video game The Sims, you know you are in for a real treat! Most interesting part about it?You can turn the light on and project giant ant shadows on the ceiling! Pretty amazing, indeed!

Ant Farm Revolution See ants dig tunnels in this light-up, 360 gel habitat. No feeding or watering needed. Easy to maintain, the Ant Farm Revolution uses a nutrient-rich gel, providing your ants with a continuous source of food and moisture. It looks good and offers real value for money.

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Wild Science Ant-O-Sphere

04 ant-o-spehere

Now if you really want something absolutely amazing, the Ant-o-sphere is the product you’re looking for! Completely modular (meaning that you can add pods and build insanely complex ant habitats), this is one of the few products where you can also get a Queen ant and get the farm to the next level!

Let your child discover the science of ants and other critters in a unique way with the Wild! Science Ant-O-Sphere 8-Pods. This system mimics the actual layouts of leaf cutter ant homes, letting children see the inner workings of their ant colonies in the comfort of home. Included are all the pods, supports, and tubing children need to connect and customize an ant colony, letting kids build gardens, ponds, and places to hatch baby ants. For clues on how to fill your pods, as well as what to feed the ants, a colorful instruction booklet offers plenty of ideas. An amazing product overall – impressive, complex and, just as I said, amazing!

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So these are our top ant habitats for your home or office. I would say that they are all of high quality and nearly flawless – perfect for kids and adults alike.


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