Best Ant Farms with Live Ants: Best Ant Habitats Ranked & Reviewed

I’ve always been fascinated by self sustaining habitats, terrariums and miniature ecosystems and probably I am not the only one in this situation: not only that you have a lot to learn about life itself from these mini ecosystems and habitats, but they are also extremely interesting to watch and they let you feel like a mini God for the creatures you observe and end up caring for eventually.

The same goes for ant farms (or ant habitats – whatever you want to call them), even though it’s pretty difficult to find one where you can actually see the small inhabitants at work and create perfect living conditions for them.

To save you from the trouble of trial and error and getting habitats that simply don’t work, we’ve checked out a lot of them and came back with the results: the best Ant Farms with live ants for you. Ranked and reviewed below, just one click away from your doorstep! So check them out!

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Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

01 fascination antworks

This is indeed a miniature habitat – just 9 x 9 x 4 inches, but it can be easily considered a great entry point if you never had one or if you don’t have a lot of space for larger ant farms. The fact that it is illuminated gives it an interesting touch, allowing you to observe the little ants day and night.

In terms of the quality, the gel that fills the ant habitat remains soft and is easy to dig through, and you also get a coupon to get the ants after you have your farm set up.

People who got this product are praising it for its high quality, some saying that the gel can be reused with fresh ants. Just be careful – as it is the case with all the ant habitats here – not to allow any ants bite you since it’s pretty painful!

IMPORTANT: As it is the case of all the products here, the ants won’t come with the ant habitat. However, you have inside a coupon for ordering your live ants to inhabit the ant farm.

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Geosafari Ant Factory

A really high quality ant habitat created by Educational Insight and the closest you can get to a real ant formicarium: instead of a gel, this ant farm requires sand and looks natural. Have in mind though that the sand is not included!

This one is not huge – at 9″ X 15″ it is perfect for kids – but it is made of high quality material, comes equipped with a water dropper and a canal starting tool to give the little fellows a headstart in their home-building quest and, most importantly, it is escape-free. You don’t want the ants roaming around the house now, do you?

This ant habitat also comes with a coupon to order your ants (so they don’t get delivered with the package).

TIP: Don’t use regular sand and instead order it only or buy it from a pet store. If you get sand from outside, you could bring in all sorts of harmful critters for your ants.

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Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution

03 uncle milton

When you’re talking about an amazing product created by the mind behind the popular life simulation video game The Sims, you know you are in for a real treat! Most interesting part about it? You can turn the light on and project giant ant shadows on the ceiling! Pretty amazing, indeed!

Ant Farm Revolution allows you to see ants dig tunnels in this light-up, 360-degree gel habitat. You won’t have to feed or add water and it’s extremely easy to maintain. It looks good and offers real value for money and is great for starting up with your ant colony.

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Live Ecosystem Ant Habitat

A really interesting product here and the only one on our list that is shipped directly with a tube of live ants. But that’s not the only surprise that this Nature Gift Store-made product has for us!

It is also shipped with a bunch of seeds that you can plant and have a really cool habitat pop up: live plants at the top, ants digging tunnels through the roots at the bottom and a self-sustaining gel that makes maintenance minimal.

It is also extremely important to make sure that you only order this products when the temperatures are between 40 degrees and 85 degrees, otherwise your live ants won’t survive. But if you do this, you should have no problem setting up a really unique ant farm at home!

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Antopia Rainforest Ant Habitat

We’re rounding the list up with another product from Uncle Milton – this time one that can be interconnected with other similar Ant Habitats to create your own unique any world. But you can start with one and take it further from there.

I prefer ant farms with sand instead of the gel because I consider the latter to look very unnatural, and the Antopia Ant Farm has sand for your ants to dig tunnels through. It also has a nice rainforest design to make things more interesting above and the fact that it can be interconnected with other Ant Habitats makes it a really good choice if you plan to expand in the future.

This ant habitat won’t come with live ants directly, but instead it will have a coupon for you to order the ants online.

Click here to check it out.

These would be our recommended ant farms with live ants – they are perfect for beginners and especially kids, but also suitable for use at the office or wherever you have a bit of room for them. Try them out and you will be completely satisfied.

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  1. Hey, Rankers — Time to update your post. At least two of the items you have listed — the Rainbow Sand one, and the Uncle Milton Revolution one for starters are no longer available / OUT OF STOCK online. Unless you can offer some advice where to find them in brick & mortar stores, I believe it is time to change some of your ‘rankings”.


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