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DIY Scented Candles Recipe Using Wax Crayons and Wax Scraps


I am the kind of girl that likes scented candles and I find them relaxing and calming, especially when I’m in the bath tub or when reading a good book. I was sharpening my boy’s wax crayons and I remembered that I can use the too short ones to make a homemade scented candle, and I also gathered the fallen chips, especially because they were so colorful. I also had some almost finished candles, too short to use, or broke so I got excited about doing my own scented candles using wax crayons and wax scraps. It seemed I had everything I thought I needed, so why not try and see what happens?

Gathered all I could find, even stole the black wax crayons, cuz he has plenty of regular black ones, so I thought he won’t miss them too much, and the more wax I had the bigger the candle, right? Well that wasn’t a good idea, not because he asked for the black wax crayons back, but because even though I had plenty of white, yellow, and other colors wax, the mix got a black-brown-muddy color, and the only way that would’ve looked nice was if I had chocolate scented oils, which I did not.

At least now I know better. But I have to admit this was my first try and just made up the steps myself, so it will get better in time, for sure. I have tons of ideas and scents I wanna try, and I’m even thinking of not wait for my boy’s crayons to brake, but go out and buy some.

So here’s how to do your very own scented candles with whatever wax you have at home:
Wax scraps
Wax crayons (for color, and not only)
Essential oils, around 20-25 drops to remove the old scent of the wax
A glass jar or cup that you can use as a candle container too, or get some prettier candle containers if you have at hand.
Candle wick tied to a button, or even a rock

You’ll need scissors, a microwave oven and barbecue stick, or a chop sticks.

I cleaned all the wax scraps from previous wicks and the paper foil around the crayons, put them all in the glass cup and set the timer to 2 minutes at high power.

Get it out and mix it up for 30 or so seconds using the stick you got, I had an old butter knife I didn’t need anymore, put it back in for 1-2 minutes if it wasn’t completely melted. Repeat this until you can’t feel any scarps left when you mix it. It’s going to be very runny, so you can add the essential oils, any flavor that inspire you, I used apple scented oils, and mix well. Pour the mix in your container, or if you’re going to use the jar prepare for the next steps.

I sprinkled the crayon chips, that resulted from sharpening them, around the surface, so when it cooled down the color result wasn’t a total fail. Now drop the rock/button with the wick attached and tied to the chop stick so it doesn’t sink into the wax, as centered as you can. Make sure the wick’s button touches the bottom and it’s not held above, floating.

You need to let it sit for a few hours, you can test it with your finger if it’s too soft at touch, you need to let it sit more, until it hardens completely. Then you can cut the wick shorter, like a normal candle and use it when and how you please.

I’m going to try and make shape scented candles using cookie cutters, by spreading the wax to a more flat surface, but tall enough for a candle, add the wicks in different places, making sure I have enough room for a cutter, and before it’s completely cooled, cut the shapes then let them sit for a while. And I did consider making them in tequila glasses, just melt the wax in my glass jar and then pour it in, maybe even add colored wax a layer at a time to make a rainbow, or just a cool candle. The possibilities are endless, you just need wax.

I hope you enjoyed my DIY article for these homemade scented candles, and can’t wait for you to tell me how it all went. Good luck, and see you around for more articles!


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