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Best Wall Clocks for Your Nursery Room


We talked in our previous article about the best switch plates for your baby’s room, now it’s time to focus on another extremely important element to make the nursery room stand out, truly unique and… well… functional: the wall clock! Since we’ll be spending a lot of time there, especially in the first couple of years, it is important to have a great looking clock to tell us the time and add a bit of extra color to the room.

Below I have selected for you what I think are the best wall clocks for any nursery room: clocks that will charm you with their beautiful design, bright colors and high quality. I tried to mix and match as many types of wall clocks as possible (from the more high class, serious ones to completely zany and playful) and I am sure you will find a good choice in our suggestions below. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out the best wall clocks for your nursery room!

Please note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

Green Bird clock

01 green bird clock

Not only that this clock looks absolutely amazing and it brings up the fun, but it’s also a non-ticking clock, making sure that there will be no extra noise to disturb your little bundle of joy. Kids love it and you will do too! Click here to get it from Amazon.

Dr.Seuss Wall Clock

02 dr seuss nursery clock

If you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss, then this one is a perfect choice and it also has a bonus message to inspire: “Oh! The places you’ll go!” It’s perfect for a nursery room, even though the hands are a bit too narrow and they sometimes tend to get lost in the design. But you’ll surely be able to tell the time, so if you like it click here to get it.

Owl Clock

03 owl clock nursery room

For some reason, owls are extremely hot right now and everything that has an owl’s design looks amazing. The same can be said about this clock which is beautiful and hand painted/printed on wood & made in the USA. High quality and beautiful, this might be the beginning of an owl-themed nursery room! Click here to check it out.

Elephant Clock

04 elephant clock nursery room

If you’re not into owls, maybe you’re into elephants? Produced by Tree by Keri Lee, the same company that is responsible for the clock above, this offers the same high quality but with a different design. And it still looks amazing, so click here for more details on it.

Cowboy Hat

05 cowboy hat nursery room clock

Created by Trend Lab, which don’t have the highest rated clocks of all times, this cowboy hat-shaped wall clock for your nursery room still looks too good to ignore, especially if you want to go for a cowboy setting/decor for the room. It tells the time, it looks great, and that is all that matters. Click here to check it out.

Dicksons Noah’s Ark Wall Clock

06 dickinson wall clock

A beautiful option for your newborn baby’s room: made of resin, this amazing wall clock comes with 4 photo frames incorporated in the clock, so you can add photos of your little one at 1, 3, 6 and 9 months. Simply beautiful, so click here to get it on Amazon right now!

Nursery Elephant Wall Clock

07 elephant clock nursery room

Hand made and hand painted, this elephant clock is unique and extremely beautiful. It goes well with many themes, so make sure you check it out here.

Dr. Seuss the Lorax Clock

08 dr seuss the lorax wall clock nursery room

This natural bamboo circular clock features an earth scene with Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and “Save the earth for me!” saying. Black numbers add the finishing touch and I am sure both kids as well as grownups will love this one. Available on Amazon.

Bebe Nautical Clock

09 bebe nautical

For some reason, I consider this clock to be extremely relaxing and calm: a perfect choice of colors and beautiful drawings make it a good choice for both girls and boys of any age. I love it and I am sure you’ll love it too! Click here to get it and/or find out more.

Diddy Duck First Year Clock

10 diddy duck photo clock

Another great choice for a clock that has the option to display photos of your little one growing up. This one has 12 photo frames for their first 12 months and I am sure it will be a big hit in any house! Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Bonus: Shape Sorting Clock

11 shape sorting clock

This is an incredible clock for learning to tell the time and learn shapes at the same time: it has removable blocks, all of them brightly colored and helps your little one develop fine motor skills, numbers, colors, shapes and concepts of time. This is not an actual clock, but I thought that since I’ve already offered so many great choices above, we can go with a cute bonus too. If you like it, you can buy it here.

Let us know which one on this list if your favorite!


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