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Easy to Make Fairy House Door [DIY, Step By Step Instructions]


All you’ll need is a bit of playdoh, or if you know how to work with clay, I found some do it yourself (DIY) recipe that I’ll share in a next post. You don’t need more colors, because playdoh can be easily painted. I had green playdoh and a bit of purple that my toddler shared with me.

You need to first make a door, any shape you want, you can do some stripes, to make it look like made out of wooden boards, with anything straight and thin, but don’t press too hard, you don’t want to cut thru. The door knob can be just a tiny ball, or you can add to it a small link from a chain you don’t need. Or buy some copper or brass wire and use the middle to make yourself one, the size you need.

I cut the heart shaped widow and made a tiny frame from another purple dough. Added a heart shaped “glass” window from a hard plastic bag I had, but you can use thin foil or just double transparent duct tape glued together. Next, I made the hinges, easy to make, and “pinned” down with some tiny beads. You can use very tiny nails if you have. Just so you know. My mom found some really cheap necklaces made with lots of tiny beads, every colors, and useful chains for just $0.5. Then I made the door frame to fit the door shape I had and cut the bottom to be the same size and have a straight line.

You can wait a few hours to let it dry and paint each piece separately/ Remember that these little pieces you make don’t glue entirely between them, so just fit them in the right spot so that you get an idea of what you’ll have, and use some glue to put them together AFTER they dry out a bit, the paint too. After it dries out for good, make sure you don’t get it wet, AT ALL. Not sure how the clay reacts to water, but playdoh gets soft and can stain the objects around and the shape can get ruined.

Next thing, you just need to find some nice decorating things you have around, or just make some from playdoh. You can add ladybugs, colorful mushrooms, or just different color vines.

What can you do with such a cute fairy door? It’s simple as finding some interesting tree to glue it too, or object, like an used boot or milk jug you can decorate with tiny colorful windows too. Just have fun, and come back here for more ideas. Or you can give me some themes and I’ll try to make them and then explain them to you.


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