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The Best Electric Smokers for the Most Delicious Food


Being able to smoke your own food means a huge step towards not only eating healthier (as you will be using REAL meat and REAL smoke), but also eating foods that taste a lot better than what you can usually find at the general store. However, with thousands of smokers out there, it might be difficult to choose the perfect one for you. So, like always, we did the heavy work and researched hundreds of electric smokers to share with you the best of the best – the most popular and highest rated electric smokers you can buy. And unlike other websites out there, we want to be straight and fair, so we’re also sharing any cons and critiques that we found during our research for these top products.

So before we get the meat ready, let’s check out below the best electric smokers you can purchase right now!

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

01 smokin it

Probably the most popular choice for an electric smoker, and one appreciated by people all over the US for all the right reasons. Made from 100%, 18 gauge, stainless steel and designed with portability in mind, this electric smoker comes with two removable shelves and can hold up to 22 lbs. of meat per load. It’s not huge, but this is a bonus in some cases when you only want to smoke smaller quantities of meat or if you want to easily move it around.

Regarding ratings and opinions, the Smokin-It Model #1 has an incredible full 5 star rating average from 72 reviews. In other words, people who bought it consider it perfect. One reviewer praised it for its durability that complements the quality, saying: “we have now had this unit since 2010 and I am as happy with it today as I was when I first received it.” People are generally extremely pleased with the fact that it’s extremely well insulated, has a long cord, it’s very easy to use and the smoke flavor on the meat is absolutely delicious. Well, the last part is not really a Pro of the smoker, as we all know. In terms of disappointments, there is a single reviewer that stated having problems with the electric smoker and the temperature control. Most likely a thing related to bad luck.

Check out this top electric smoker here – just 21 left in stock at the moment of writing!

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

02 masterbuilt electric smoker

What can be better than smoking your own meat and cheese and veggies? Having a great smoker that allows you to see the entire process. The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker does this and you’ll surely need to be strong willed when looking at all that deliciousness. Coming with a built in meat temperature probe, remote control for smoker temperature, timer, internal light, and meat temperatures, this electric smoker offers a lot of smoking space and it’s one of the best selling smokers available on Amazon (sitting at #5 right now).

In terms of opinions from people who bought and tried this product, there seems to be a general consensus that this electric smoker is one of the highest possible quality. Everybody praises it for its features and the fact that it works just as advertised. People also seem to be really happy with its 4 racks space and the fact that it is cheaper to operate it as you don’t have to use huge amounts of coal and wood as you would have to with a traditional smoker.

When it comes to negative things, some people complain about the fact that it has a rather short cord, the fact that if you fully load it with meat it will have some trouble keeping the temperature you set and that its maximum temperature is 275 (although personally, I consider that enough for all types of meat).

With over 1,700 reviews on Amazon and 84% of the people who rated it liking it, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is clearly a great choice for all. So check it out here, running at an incredible discount of $199.97 at the moment of writing.

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

03 smoke hollow

This smoker brings home the style! It comes with adjustable racks, so you can set them higher or lower depending on what meat you’re cooking, a magnetic door-latching system and three temperature settings for cooking. It also seems to be pretty spacious and ready to produce great tasting food.

Some people complain about it not producing enough smoke, but it’s not the case if you put only the wood chips in at maximum temperature, allow it to start smoking and then you tune it down to the desired cooking temperature. It does not have an internal meat temperature probe, but we’ve lived without one for a long time so you might just be OK. Despite the negatives, people seem to be pretty happy with the Smoke Hollow electric smoker, with the amount of smoke it produces and the fact that it’s extremely durable, with people using it constantly for 2 years and still getting great results.

If you want to check it out and purchase it at a special price, click here.

Bradley Smokers Original

04 bradley smoker

Bradley has worked on improving this smoker over the years and the result they got is worthy of a hat tip from us. Considering functionality as well as the quality of the smoking process, this big electric smoker comes with 4 removable racks and can also be used as a slow cooker or slow roasting oven. Which is great for such a decent price!

People who have been using it are recommending it as an extremely durable product that gives great results. Even though its maximum temperature is 250 degrees, people consider it better than other electric smokers and it’s extremely easy to use and easy to clean. The biggest con of this product is that it only uses Bradley bisquettes, which are slightly more expensive and in high demand, so not easy to purchase. Also, there are a few people complaining that some of the parts are of poor quality, especially the door.

Click here to check out the Bradley Smokers Original, still one of the best electric smokers we found during our research.

And here you have it – a few options for you if you’re looking for a high quality, reliable electric smoker. We’ve summed up the reviews for you, took out the trash and presented what we think are the best electric smokers right now!


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