Best Full HD Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras Under $150

If you ask most experts and especially those who really know nothing about photography, they will tell you that you need to spend a fortune on a camera in order to take good pictures. I am here to prove them all wrong and show you that you can indeed buy an amazing full HD camera even if you are on a budget: unless you are making a living from photography and you need all the extra bits that professional cameras offer, you will surely be extremely satisfied with the products that we have selected for you, cameras that take great photos and videos and are extremely easy to use even by those who are not particularly tech savvy.

So let’s check out below the best full-HD Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras under $150: we checked out tens of cameras for you, so you don’t have to do all the research, and we are here to share our findings: the best of the best. I guarantee that you don’t have to search anything else and you’ll be extremely satisfied with any choice you’ll make for your next digital camera!

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This is a waterproof digital camera, so it’s perfect for your summer vacations – or any vacation that might result in it getting under water for whatever reason. It’s also shockproof, handling falls from up to 5 feet, so even the clumsiest of us get their hands on a durable, great product for an amazing price. It is also a small and beautiful camera, but it packs quite a punch: it comes with a 13.2-MP CMOS sensor (meaning that it can take very high quality photos), it can record Full HD videos with stereo sound and 3x wide-angle NIKKOR optical zoom (4x digital zoom). In other words, it’s exactly what you need and at the moment of writing this it’s available for a great 35% discount, putting it just under $100. You can’t get a better camera for this price!

The small and bright camera has been praised by everybody who tried it. Most people appreciate the high quality of the photos it takes and how easy it is to use. It comes with big size buttons, so you will never miss that special moment, and it also has a bunch of features that help you take the perfect photos: Face Detection, Contrast Detector and even a Continuous shooting mode if you don’t want to miss a thing. Plus, you can take underwater pictures with it (up to 33 feet deep), so that’s absolutely amazing. The only downside here is the relatively small digital zoom, but this still is one of the best cameras for your vacations and all those special moments in between at this price! Act quickly, though as the 35% discount might end soon and you will have to pay more for this amazing camera1

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General Imaging X600-WH

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I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this amazing camera available for under $150 (with a discount of 42% at the moment of writing). Created by General Imaging, the X600-WH looks almost like a professional camera and can certainly take some professional photos in the right hands. Offering Full HD video recording, with a 14 megapixel camera, this little gem here has a lot of technologies implemented in order to give you a ton of options when it comes to taking amazing photos: an impressive 26x Optical Zoom, plus high-speed continuous shooting, including object tracking and auto focus. It does have the ability to focus even the fastest moving targets and the results are simply unbelievable.

It also has a few tricks and extras up its sleeve: I personally loved the Multi-Exposure feature that allows you to take six successive action shots and combine them in one image. Really nice results for the artists out there. And if you feel comfortable, you can even change all sorts of settings manually, like the shutter, ISO, aperture, and exposure compensation. Plus, if you are the type of person who wants to impress others, this camera will surely do the trick as it looks almost like a professional DSLR one! And it offers a great value for the money you’ll spend on it!

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Sony TX Series DSC-TX9/R

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And now let’s get to my personal favorite! Yes, I know that it is bright pink and some might not want it for this particular reason, but the specifications and everything it can do are absolutely amazing. Oh, and should I mention that it is now available for an insane discounted price, saving you $250.99 if you purchase it right now? It’s absolutely incredible and A MUST BUY. Quickly, before this offer runs its course!

So what can this camera do? Well, Sony decided to power it with a 12.2 megapixel lens (which is a high quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 4x optical zoom one), and a touchscreen to help you focus on the right item in your photo, and to make navigation even easier. What you will love about it will certainly be the 3D Sweep Panorama mode which allows you to capture spectacular 3D panoramas that make landscapes come alive on your compatible 3D television. It’s absolutely amazing! Anti motion blur mode, timer, motion detector, auto focus… these are just a few of the ton of features this camera comes with, the only downside being that it records videos in 1080i resolution (which is not really full-HD, but it’s as close as you get – hence the reason why I still included it here). A great discount for an amazing Point-and-Shoot digital camera by Sony, one with a ton of options and extra options, one that makes it to the top of our list thanks to its amazing discount.

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Now you can finally get that great camera you were waiting for and do it on a budget. Pick one and stick with your choice – you will surely be satisfied, no matter which one you actually choose!

Please note: prices are accurate at the moment of writing, November 2015. Prices of the cameras might change in the future.

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