SHANY All-In-One Harmony Makeup Kit Review

The SHANY makeup kit offers a buffet of choices. It includes 168 eye colors, six lip hues, three blush tones and applicators to apply it all. When purchased through Amazon you can, at the moment of writing, get free shipping. Offers, which one can qualify, are on top of that. They are detailed on the Amazon site (so make sure to visit). Now let’s move on and check out our SHANY All-In-One Harmony Makeup Kit review!

Many people who have purchased the SHANY Makeup Kit are impressed with the case that holds the goodies. It is hard for some to believe that it can hold so much product. It unfolds upon opening, showing its true size. This makes it convenient to keep in a drawer or pack in suitcase. Two red rope straps make the SHANY Makeup Kit easy to carry. When it is closed, is resembles a fashionable purse – a look which is normally made to impress. There have been some comments that indicate that the case is made poorly, as its hinges have failed for some consumers causing it to open unexpectedly – but that’s just a few people speaking.

The SHANY Makeup Kit is tailor made for the experimenter. Most of the hues shimmer but the set also contains neutrals and pastels. There are colors that highlight the brow and others for definition and contouring. The choices are trendy and can be a bit edgy although it should be noted that straight black is not included. The kit is excellent for a younger person who may not be committed to a specific shade yet.

The SHANY Makeup Kit focuses of color. They do not leave out the lips and cheeks, including glosses and blushes. Some believe that they fall short however. The kit does not include mascara, foundation or concealer. They would need to be carried separately. Colors vary widely as they have to accommodate for skin tones. This would cause a space issue, which is understandable, and this product still manages to offer a ton, as you can easily see in the product photo.

There are enough colors in the SHANY Makeup Kit to make the transition from day to night easily. Many, who have purchased the kit, comment that it is made simpler by the handy mirror which is also included with the kit.

Because it is so versatile, it makes a great gift. There is no worry about choosing the correct color for an individual.

A few have asked in the products in the SHANY Makeup Kit is free of dyes and perfumes or if animals were used in testing. There is not mention of these, so it cannot be claimed. The product is designed in the US, which is noted by numerous consumers.

The Shadows come in pods. These have received many negative comments, as they are not covered. This includes the lip-gloss, which is a dust magnet when left uncovered. If one has dropped even the most expensive eye shadow or blush, they are aware that it cracks. If the SHANY Makeup Kit drops on the floor, it creates a mess. So don’t drop it!

You get a great deal of makeup for the money and therefore it is a popular pick and, as we have already said, an amazing choice for a gift too!

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