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DIY: How to Grow Your Own Crystals at Home (Cheap too)


Growing your own crystals is great fun and amuses the kids on hot summer days or actually all year long. Whether you grow your own as decoration, jewelry, or for some other use — would you believe as a deodorant, it’s really very simple. I am here to tell you how to grow your own crystals at home, which is something that can prove extremely helpful when dealing with various DIY and crafting projects or just to keep the kids entertained and show them some magic!

So let’s start with the deodorant. You may have seen “safe” forms of deodorant in healthy living shops. Often they come in the form of large crystals of Potassium Aluminium Sulphate, or Alum.

They have the advantage of being free of Aluminium Chlorohydrate, which has been implicated in ill health. Natural deodorant crystals are suitable for the most sensitive skin, are hypoallergenic and last a long time. Furthermore, they won’t stain your clothes or discolor your skin.

If you prefer the decorative side of crystal making, just add some food coloring to the mix and go wild, letting your creativity roam free!

Here is what you need to grow your own crystals at home quickly and easily:

– An ounce of Alum from a local store or online
– A glass jar
– A clean stick
– Warm water
– Thread
– Small, sharp stones, cleaned well

Here is how to grow your own Alum crystals at home:

1. Pour enough warm water into the jar to cover the stones — but don’t put the stones in yet.

2. Add the Alum and stir well until it stops dissolving. A small residue will be left – this is normal

3. Add food coloring if desired (if you plan to use it for crafting or have your kid enjoy different colors).

4. Tie a small stone to the thread and the other end to the stick. Place the stick across the top of the jar so that the stone dangles in the liquid.

5. Put the jar in a warm place to aid evaporation.

The first crystals will appear in a few days. You can add more Alum to make them bigger. The biggest crystals can be rubbed under arms as a “safe” home-made deodorant and the entire process of growing crystals is fascinating for the little ones – or adults!


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